Often on the Road with Petrol Bags Posted: 13/06/2013
Often on the Road with Petrol Bags
Filmmaking Masterclasses in Las Vegas, Key West, and Majorca, workshop in Istanbul, or filming a documentary in Forchheim in Bavaria: For his numerous and diverse projects, DP Sebastian Wiegrtner is often on the go. As one of the most renowned German DSLR filmmakers, he not only films but also inspires other cinematographers at his workshops. One of his recommendations includes bags by Petrol Bags, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company.
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Sachtlers Ace M Provides Fluid Movement for Surf Documentary Posted: 02/05/2013
Sachtlers Ace M Provides Fluid Movement for Surf Documentary
Filmmaker Kellen Keene is dedicated to documenting artistic endeavors through his visuals. Recently, he was inspired to go behind-the-scenes with surfer and photographer Chris Burkard to show what it is like to be a surf photographer and to showcase how some of the images Burkard shoots are made. Keene knew every shot had to be in-the-moment, so he wanted a shooting package that could keep up with the quixotic personality of the surf. Thats why we shot most of the project on the Canon 5D Mark II and Nikon d800s. We also used the new GoPro 3. We had multiple water housings, stabilization gear and various Canon L-series and Nikon glass. For support, my choice was Sachtlers Ace M. Sachtler is part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company.
Tags: Sachtler | Vitec Videocom | Vitec Group | Kellen Keene | Chris Burkard | surf photographer | Canon 5D Mark II | Nikon d800s | GoPro 3 | water housing | stabilization | Ace M | fluid head | tripod | system | 12 foot jib | price performance ration | 5-step | counterbalance | camera plate | 4.1 inch | 104 mm | sliding range | 8.8 pound | payload range | SA drag | Synchronized Actuated Drag | three vertical | three horizontal | drag
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PAG Power for DSLR and Digital Cinema Cameras Posted: 14/01/2013
PAG Power for DSLR and amp; Digital Cinema Cameras

PAG has introduced new battery mounts and power leads that make it possible to power the latest DSLR and digital cinema cameras using its PAGlink intelligent, high-power, linking battery system.


The PAGlink battery system was conceived with multi-camera compatibility in mind. Rather than using a different batteries and chargers for each camera type, PAG anticipated that it would be more efficient to use the V-Mount (V-Lok/V-Lock) Li-Ion batteries, designed for shoulder-mounted broadcast cameras, for every camera power application. When combined, two PAGlink batteries have a capacity of 192 watt-hours and a current draw capability of 12A, which is superior to the 10A provided by so-called high-current cell technologies. If required, PAGlink allows a third or fourth battery to be added, providing endless power for any camera set-up. The key was to create a system of compact, lightweight batteries that could be used individually for small, low power-consumption cameras (DSLR, Blackmagic Digital Cinema, Canon C300/500) which could then be linked, combining capacities for set-ups that have a higher power consumption or that draw a greater current (Arri Alexa, Red One/Epic/Scarlet, Sony F55/F65 etc). The packs incorporate the high-current contacts required for such demanding applications. PAGs approach gives you high-capacity Li-Ion batteries that employ less expensive standard Li-Ion cell-technology. Combining the capacities of individual 96Wh Li-Ion batteries ensures that all your batteries are legally transportable by passenger aircraft.

Tags: PAG | DSLR | digital cinema | v-mount | v-lok | v-lock | battery | PAGlink | linking | Blackmagic | Canon EOS 5D | Canon EOS 7D | Red Epic | Red Scarlet | Nikon D800 | C300 | C500 | cheese plate | power
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