THELIGHT scores at Womens World Cup Posted: 01/08/2011
THELIGHT scores at Womens World Cup Advanced LED lighting from THELIGHT was used by ESPN during their coverage of the women’s soccer world cup in Germany, supplied via PANALUX 12 x kits were used. THELIGHT LED lighting was chosen for its advanced high light output being 3 – 5 times that of its rivals, its ability to articulate the light for focusing backed by the industry’s most accurate and sophisticated colour temperature control that allows the user to digitally set the desired colour temperature anywhere between 2800 – 8500K in100K increments, colour temperature integrity is kept while dimming too.

Octica Professional

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CINEROID goes Metalic with new HD-SDI & HDMI EVFs Posted: 01/08/2011
CINEROID goes Metalic with new HD-SDI & HDMI EVFs Leading EVF manufacturer CINEROID has added two new METAL EVFs to their range including a HDMI-A loop-through unit and the world’s first HD-SDI in/out EVF. Featuring Cineroid’s latest features, both metal cased units include an easier to use flip-up and removable loupe allowing the EFV to be used as a standalone mini-monitor. This new robust metal design is ideally suited to stand up to the rigours of any rental environment and the HD-SDI in/out version is a perfect partner for those wanting to use an EFV together with one of the new breed of 35mm Digital cameras such as the Sony F3 or Panasonic AF101 while recording via HD-SDI to an add-on data recorder.
Supplied by Octica Professional
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See THE LIGHT with Octica Posted: 27/01/2011
6light Through its innovative intelligent design and advanced understanding of LED technology THELIGHT LEDlighting offers Absolute Lighting Control over colour temperature, light intensity and beam direction. Available in three formats the range covers both Studio and Field use with each model being slim, lightweight, compact yet rugged in design utilising ultra-high-output, long-life, low power consumption LED’s giving superior lighting and accurate colour temperature control compared to panel type LED lighting systems.
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Octica ready for the Canon XF Cameras Posted: 30/07/2010
Protech ST-7JC With the new Canon XF-300/305 cameras now shipping Octica can announce the launch of the new Protech ST-7JC Shoulder Mount Adapter. Designed with Canon, specifically for the XF-300 and XF-305

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Chrosziel appoint Octica Professional as exclusive Distributor Posted: 02/11/2009
Chrosziel appoint Octica Professional as exclusive Distributor Broadcast, film and professional video equipment distributor Octica Professional Ltd has proudly been appointed as the new UK & Ireland exclusive Distributor for all Chrosziel products, effective from 1 November 2009.

Chrosziel are established as the industry leader and innovator in the design and manufacture of MatteBoxes, sunshades, fluid zoom drives and lens controls, both manual and remote for film and video. All Chrosziel products are manufactured to the highest German engineering standards. Offering MatteBox solutions to suit all camera-lens combinations, Chrosziel has responded to public demand and now also offers ready to use, complete MatteBox kits for the most popular camera & lens set-ups. In todays fast paced marketplace of digital acquisition, Chrosziel has also expanded its product range to cover the RED and latest DSLR cameras.

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