Black Friday Savings on SmallHD 700 Series on-Camera Monitors Posted: 23/11/2016

SmallHD offers big savings on special Black Friday Bundles of its popular 700 Series high-resolution on-camera, 7-inch monitors and accessories purchased only at Along with SmallHDs 700 Series monitors, each package includes mounting hardware, wireless remote, power accessories, cables, a protective neoprene sleeve, and a durable hard case.

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Adorama Becomes the First, Exclusive Reseller of SmallHD Video Gear Posted: 25/02/2014

Adorama, one of the worlds largest photography, video, imaging and electronics retailers, today announced it will be the first reseller of SmallHD production equipment. SmallHD is best known for its affordable and professional high-definition monitor solutions. Most recently, the manufacturer released its new DP-7 Pro line of on-camera monitors, which includes three different models with real-time 3D LUTs. LUTs, or Lookup Tables, allow filmmakers to apply custom looks created in any color-grading suite to footage in the field. Offering a variety of options to suit a wide spectrum of filmmakers with differing budgets, SmallHDs DP-7 Pro models feature OLED (organic LED), eye-saving high-bright or the cost-effective yet powerful LCD. Customers can purchase these and more products from SmallHD at Adorama today, or rent SmallHD equipment through the Adorama Rental Company.

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