Video Devices PIX-E7 Provides Endless Versatility For Cinematographer Michael Larsson Posted: 01/11/2016
With nearly 17 years of experience fusing photojournalism and video art together in countries like Spain, Singapore, and the UK, Michael Larsson is not your typical cinematographer/colorist. Larsson has studied a mix of video art and 3D stereoscopic media, which when coupled with his great interest in human perception, and his experiences in working with time and space in conjunction with the photographic image, has taken him through many different stages of his career. His extensive background includes audiovisual installation works and audiovisual performances before moving on to video productions and later cinematography and color grading. In hindsight, Larsson's curiosity has led to him to garner skills that have prepared him for a wealth of projects, allowing him to develop interesting ideas and methods for capturing events and stories.
Tags: Video Devices | PIX-E7
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