Hiding In Plain Sight Is How To Succeed With DPA Lavalier Microphones Posted: 19/03/2020
Hiding In Plain Sight Is How To Succeed With DPA Lavalier Microphones

Production Sound Mixer and Location Sound Recordist David Thirion uses DPA microphones to capture audio for film and television projects because he likes their audio quality and natural sound. Equally important is the tiny size of some models, which makes them ideal for situations where they need to be hidden on actors’ bodies or in costumes.

In recent months Thirion has been experimenting with DPA’s latest bodyworn products, the 6000 Subminiature Series, in particular the 6060 Subminiature Omnidirectional lavalier microphone. On the latest series of Parlement, a new television series created by Belgian-based Artémis Productions, he used it to great effect – although not how he originally intended.

“We initially planned to use it on a female actor, but she was wearing such light silk that it was impossible to hide the mic because the weight of the cable was pulling at the fabric. Instead we used a DPA 4061 lavalier microphone secured with a bra clip, which worked just fine,” he says. "The 6060, however, did solve a different problem - mic-ing the show’s male talent whose chest was too hairy to have a microphone attached. It can be very difficult to mic up a hairy chested actor wearing a white office shirt, no tie and a blazer, but we found the perfect spot for the 6060 in the collar of the shirt. We used an URSA mini mount and covered with white URSA moleskin so that it was completely disguised. We also hid a 6060 in a tie knot using a Sanken RM11 concealer. The mic is so slim that it helped prevent any tie knot deformation.”




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