Genesys from Neve Helps Radar Sounds Stays True To Its Analogue Roots Posted: 03/07/2020
Neve and reg; Genesys Helps Radar Sounds Stays True To Its Analogue Roots

Radar Sounds, one of the few remaining studios in the UK to offer true analogue tape recording facilities, has installed a Neve® Genesys G32 console.

Studio owner "Fuzz" Barthram-Keet says: “I already own a pair of Neve® 1073DPA mic pre-amps and I know just how much I love the sound of them, so a Neve console was top of my shopping list. The desk’s fabulous analogue design and Neve preamp circuitry allows us to keep the mix analogue from start to finish without sacrificing modern features such as hands-on DAW control and connectivity.”

Radar Sounds is located on Platts Eyot, a small island in the River Thames (close to Hampton Court). As well as tracking, Fuzz also offers mixing and mastering services and describes the business as a ‘one stop shop’ for musicians, media companies and voice over artists. 


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