Riedel Products at 2016 NAB Show New York Posted: 20/10/2016

MediorNet MicroN as a Decentralized Router

MicroN is an 80G media distribution network device for Riedel's MediorNet line of real-time media transport and management solutions. At 2016 NAB Show New York, Riedel will demonstrate how interconnected MicroN units can be deployed to create a decentralized routing system that distributes signal load, takes advantage of flexible node placement, and eliminates any single point of failure to create a viable alternative to traditional, monolithic routers. 
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SMPTE(R) UK Section to Hold Seminar on Migration of Real-Time Media Transport From SDI to IP Posted: 20/01/2016
The United Kingdom (UK) Section of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers(R) (SMPTE(R)), a leader in motion-imaging standards and education for the communications, media, entertainment, and technology industries, today announced that it will host a day long seminar titled "Real-Time Media Transport -- From SDI to Hybrid to Full IP" on 11 Feb. in London. In addition to examining technologies underpinning real-time media transport and exploring routes to a flexible format-agnostic facility using open standards, the seminar will feature presentations by UK media industry experts and international guest speaker Thomas Edwards, vice president of engineering and development at FOX Networks Engineering and Operations on the issues, standards, and architectures associated with the transition to internet protocol (IP).
Tags: SMPTE UK Section | Seminar | Real-Time Media Transport
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