When you only have one chance Josh Wiese perfectly captures the solar eclipse with the Sony FS7 and Atomos Ninja Flame monitor recorder Posted: 23/08/2017

When youre trying to capture the moment of a lifetime, you cant afford to take any chances. So when Josh Wiese and his teammates set out to film the solar eclipse this week - the first total eclipse to cross the US coast-to-coast for almost a century - he knew hed need a lot of research and equipment he could count upon.

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Submitted by Bubble Communications
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Transvideo and Aaton Digital will both show new products at Cabsat 2017 Posted: 07/03/2017

Transvideo will show the new StarliteRF-a, a wireless monitor with advanced camera control capabilities that can remotely control key functions of the ARRI ALEXA Mini and AMIRA cameras. The kit consists of a StarliteRF-a monitor-recorder and a TitanHD2 Tx-a that connects to the EXT socket of the ARRI cameras via a specific cable provided. You will have a hand held lightweight, high quality monitor receiving the camera picture wirelessly, and you can adjust key camera functions wirelessly by return to the camera. The camera functions are accessed via the monitors touch screen. You also have the ability to record and play back clips via the inbuilt recorder, which can be set up to record automatically when the camera records.

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Submitted by Stylus Media Consultants
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Atomos Samurai Blade Available for Under $1000 Posted: 11/08/2014
Atomos Award Winning Samurai Blade Now Even Better Value
Atomos, creator of award winning camera-mounted recorders and recording accessories announce a new price for the Samurai Blade of US$995. The Samurai Blade is the highest functioning monitor recorder and playback device on the camera market today and with a new price it's even more affordable than ever.
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Submitted by Atomos
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