Prism Sound Titan Interface Impresses The Realest Puppet in The Game Posted: 15/06/2022
Prism Sound and rsquo;s Titan Interface Impresses The Realest Puppet in The Game

Prism Sound’s multichannel Titan Audio Interface now has pride of place in the studio of Reid Stefan, the US-based producer, composer and educator who is otherwise known as The Realest Puppet In The Game.

Reid’s decision to invest in a Titan was made after he heard the unit in action at Luca Pretolesi’s Studio DMI facility in Las Vegas, USA. The six times Grammy nominated mixing and mastering engineer is Reid’s mentor and he has been using Prism Sound conversion for many years.

“I figured they must be special if Luca had one in his desk,” Reid explains. “Music sounds so natural and wide in his rooms, and even in headphones, but having used common consumer interfaces for more than 10 years, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to switch brands or re-think my workflow. However, I was very curious to find out good all-in-one audio interfaces really could sound, especially as my previous interface was good at everything. I wanted to see if an interface from a company like Prism Sound that specialises in input/output sound quality and conversion was any better.”

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