PHABRIX at IBC2017 Posted: 26/07/2017
PHABRIX will launch SMPTE 2110 IP signal generation and analysis instruments for its Qx range, along with enhanced HDR visualization capabilities and strengthened support for audio generation, plus moving test patterns. The new IP decapsulation/encapsulation option for the Sx TAG portable range will also be debuted at IBC2017, along with 2K-SDI monitoring and a more versatile, dual instrument display with the Rx 2000 rackmount generator/analyser.
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PHABRIX delivering on a new rack mount range of T&M at IBC 2011 Posted: 01/08/2011
PHABRIX delivering on a new rack mount range of T&M at IBC 2011 PHABRIX, a leading provider of test and measurement instruments based in the UK, announced that it will be delivering its new production Rx 2000 rack mount T&M solution at IBC 2011. The Rx 2000 is an innovative dual screen 2U platform capable of accepting up to 4 modules providing 8 simultaneous inputs if required. The ability of the Rx to accept different modules to support analysis, eye and jitter analysis, test pattern generation, Dolby, MADI and ASI options on the new platform provides broadcast engineers with a cost effective centralized solution for broadcast T&M. The Rx 2000 is the first of a series of three new rack mount products originally announced at NAB this year to be on show at IBC.
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