DoCaptions New OP-47 and SMPTE 2031 Subtitle Monitoring Unit Reduces Installation and Operational Costs Posted: 31/08/2016
DoCaption today launched a new member of its stand-alone subtitle- and closed-caption-monitoring product line that helps reduce installation and operational costs in production and broadcast environments. Designed to work in accordance with OP-47 and SMPTE 2031, the new MU-T4731 automatically detects, decodes, and displays subtitling/captioning data from 3G/HD-SDI video signals. The unit outputs an HDMI signal in native format with subtitles overlaid on the video, allowing monitoring on any HDMI-capable video monitor or multiviewer. An audio output, available through a stereo line or HDMI, also allows for confidence consistency-checking between audio and subtitles, when required.
Tags: DoCaption | OP-47 | SMPTE 2031 | Subtitle Monitoring Unit | MU-T4731 | World System Teletext | WST Presentation Level 1.5 features
Submitted by Dundee Hills Group
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