WORK Microwave Partners With C2m Solutions to Improve QoS and QoE for Satellite Services Posted: 15/09/2017
WORK Microwave, a leading European manufacturer of advanced satellite communications equipment, today announced a new partnership with C2m Solutions that allows satellite and other content operators to check the quality of video and audio streams in real time, even at the individual transmission stage. Integration between WORK Microwave's AT-60 media modulator and the LiveTSAFT monitoring probe from C2m Solutions enables operators to receive alerts on events happening on each multiplex, without the need for separate probe equipment per multiplex. Integrating the probe inside the modulator optimizes space, energy consumption, and cooling requirements, while enabling satellite operators to deliver a superior quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) to viewers.
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SIS LIVE provides critical connectivity for Input Media Posted: 04/08/2016
Leading broadcast connectivity supplier, SIS LIVE, has installed a 1GB fibre network for leading sports production company Input Media. SIS LIVE will support Input Medias broadcast requirements with access to its expanding Anylive¢ fibre infrastructure and comprehensive satellite services. 
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Yes Satellite Services Expands Into VOD and Internet TV With Pilat Medias IBMS:OnDemand Posted: 18/05/2010

Pilat Media, the leading global supplier of business management software to the media industry, today announced that Israel's Yes satellite services has launched video-on-demand (VOD) and broadband services using IBMS:OnDemand, an add-on module that supports multiplatform on-demand services within the IBMS broadcast management system.

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