AJA Debuts KUMO 6464 Compact SDI Router at IBC 2016 Posted: 09/09/2016

Today at IBC 2016, AJA Video Systems introduced KUMO 6464, its new compact 3G-SDI router with 64 3G-SDI inputs and 64 3G-SDI outputs for high quality, cost effective signal routing in a small form factor. KUMO 6464 facilitates long cable runs, minimizes signal interference and fits seamlessly into an array of production environments from OB trucks and edit suites to corporate video installations and beyond. 

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AJA Introduces KUMO 3232 Compact SDI Router at IBC 2012 Posted: 11/09/2012

 IBC Conference AJA Video Systems today announced KUMO 3232, a new compact SDI router with 32 inputs and 32 outputs to provide cost-effective, high quality signal routing in a small 2RU form factor. KUMO routers are perfect for any broadcast, production or post production environment, from mobile sports trucks and edit suites, through to corporate video installations and live A/V setups where additional inputs and outputs are needed. Additionally, significantly new lower prices have been announced for all existing KUMO products. 

Tags: AJA | Video | KUMO | KUMO 3232 | SDI Router | Signal Routing | Broadcast | Production | Post Production | A/V | IBC 2012 | IBC 2012
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