Riedels MediorNet to Power Decentralized Routing Infrastructure for the Sky Sport HQ, Sky Germanys All-New Sports Production Facility Posted: 15/09/2017
Sky Deutschland AG (Sky Germany) has placed Riedel Communications' MediorNet real-time media network at the center of a decentralized routing infrastructure for Sky Sport HQ, its landmark new sports broadcasting center in Munich. Featuring the most extensive MediorNet backbone deployed to date, Sky Sport HQ has one of Europe's largest and most advanced broadcast infrastructures for live sports production. The MediorNet infrastructure is made up of nearly 150 frames, including Riedel's MetroN Core Router, MicroN, and MicroN MultiViewer, providing almost 1,600 video and more than 1,500 audio connections.
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Sky Deutschland New Cube Will Benefit From Junger Audios Smart Audio Experience Posted: 29/11/2016
Sky Deutschland has become the latest broadcaster to adopt Junger Audios Smart Audio concept after specifying the companys D*AP audio processing units for its new sports programming broadcast centre in Unterfhring, near Munich.
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Sky Germany Gives OB Units Agility, Extensibility With Riedel MediorNet and SmartPanel Multifunctional Interfaces Posted: 13/09/2016
Sky Deutschland AG (Sky Germany) has outfitted a new fleet of seven satellite newsgathering (SNG) units and two outside broadcast (OB) tender vehicles with Riedel Communications' MediorNet real-time media network and SmartPanels equipped with the new MediorNet Control App. The SmartPanel App enables Sky Germany to route and control signals across the MediorNet network according to the requirements of different live sports and news events. Because all SmartPanels also feature the Intercom App, users can enjoy simultaneous control and communications functionality while working with a single compact panel in just 1-RU.
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Germanys Sky Sport News HD Chooses Mosart(R) for 24 7 Newscast Automation Posted: 12/09/2011

Sky Deutschland has chosen Mosart Medialab's newsroom automation system for its upcoming 24/7 channel Sky Sport News HD. The Munich-based rolling news channel is scheduled to go live with Mosart(R) at the channel's launch during the winter of 2011/2012.

Already in use at Sky Italia, Mosart(R) was chosen for Sky Sport News HD in Germany because it combines enhanced production values with reduced operational costs.

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