Harmonic Convergence India 2017 Exhibitor Preview Posted: 30/01/2017

Harmonic Innovations in Cloud, OTT, CCAP and Channel Playout Set to Empower Broadcasters and Service Providers in South Asia

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Submitted by 202 Communications
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Post MIPTV, Wilderness Films India Ltd. seeks fresh content partnerships Posted: 13/07/2010
As part of a strategic paradigm shift, Wilderness Films India Ltd. has decided to seek marketing affiliations and strategic co-production and distribution partnerships for their 4000+ hours of HD content from South Asia. The archive includes the most diverse high-end imagery from India, Bhutan and Nepal. The company now no longer plans to launch their own stock footage product in the market-place and has decided to instead work with partners from around the world. As the largest content moving image archive in the world from the region, with an added 750, 000 stills, WFIL believes there is tremendous scope for niche Indian content to be incrementally distributed across various media platforms globally.

Tags: wilderness films | india | south asia | hd content | archive | high-end imagery | bhutan | nepal
Submitted by Rupin Dang
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