Anna Valley implement Quicklink Studio-in-a-box (ST500) for high-quality, professionally managed remote contributions Posted: 11/08/2020
Anna Valley implement Quicklink Studio-in-a-box (ST500) for high-quality, professionally managed remote contributions

Anna Valley, a leading audio-visual and broadcast technology provider, have adopted Quicklink’s Studio-in-a-box (ST500) to provide professional, high-quality remote contributions for high-profile client events and productions. From enabling a Sotheby’s auction to run across three different time zones to gathering speakers across Africa for a staff briefing, the Quicklink ST500, ST100 and ST55 have helped Anna Valley deliver professional live streams and broadcasts during lockdown.

The ST500 (Studio-in-a-box) is an all-in-one, easy-to-use portable unit incorporating a Panasonic PTZ camera, inbuilt lighting, LCD touchscreen and audio interface. The camera, lights and audio can be controlled remotely from any Chrome Browser using the Quicklink Manager Portal to ensure the highest quality, in frame broadcast content is received.

“The Quicklink ST500s have been rock solid for us, with no connection issues and are so easy to setup. They have been despatched all over the world and even users with no experience can power them up in order for us to remotely configure them once online. The video and audio quality surpass the competition and the system allows easy access for us to control all the important parameters needed to get the best from the system” said David Mitchell, Technical Manager.

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VRT use Quicklink Studio (ST55) for fundraiser event Posted: 10/03/2020
VRT use Quicklink Studio (ST55) for and lsquo;De Warmste Week and rsquo; fundraiser event

VRT (Flemish Radio and Television Broadcasting Organisation), the national public-service radio and television broadcaster for the Flemish Community of Belgium, have recently used the Quicklink Studio (ST55) solution for coverage of VRT’s annual charity fundraiser De Warmste Week (The Warmest Week).

Studio Brussel, which is part of VRT, is a Dutch-speaking radio station that is aimed mainly at a youth audience. During De Warmste Week, Studio Brussel used the Quicklink Studio (ST55) for their radio marathon. Every morning Studio Brussel held a video call with Dieter and Kevin from ‘Down The Snow’ to follow them along their hitchhiking adventure from Russia to Belgium.

“The Quicklink Studio solution is a very user-friendly solution which works smooth and efficiently, is not complicated and is easy-to-use” said a spokesperson at VRT.

“After a few tests, we found the Quicklink Studio was the ideal solution. It allowed us to easily invite a user via a link and have them appear in the interface instantly. By using the Quicklink Studio we were able to initiate a connection with full audio and video in both directions, giving us a ‘full-fledged’ duplex environment.”

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NRL implement Quicklink Studio and Studio-in-a-box to optimise content offering Posted: 18/11/2019
NRL implement Quicklink Studio and Studio-in-a-box to optimise content offering

Earlier this year, National Rugby League (NRL) turned to Quicklink in order to improve and optimise their content offering and production operations. NRL’s webcasts both on their official website and on the NRL app have driven digital audience engagement to new heights in 2019.

NRL implemented the Studio Browser into their workflow for HD quality, bi-directional audio/video contributions. The Studio Browser solution enables NRL to very easily introduce players and coaches via a simple web browser to their Studio for interviews on their ‘Inside NRL’ weekly feature and other studio shows.

The Studio-in-a-box was also implemented at NRL’s head office for the weekly football briefing press conferences. The portable, all-in-one solution has made it very easy for NRL to deploy and is fully remote-controllable from the Quicklink Manager at their Studio control room.

“The Studio-in-a-box is a compact unit with simple inputs/outputs that has made it easy for us to set up almost anywhere. We have been able to facilitate a regular production operation with this technology that was not on our original radar when we procured the technology and it’s been easy collaborating with Quicklink to validate things when required” says Alex Agaciak, NRL Media Services team.

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