Xytech MediaPulse Propels SuperSport Posted: 21/09/2016

SuperSport, a major provider of premium subscription television channels in Sub-Saharan Africa, has implemented Xytech's facility management platform MediaPulse to manage its production logistics, crew and crew logistics. SuperSport provides sports content across its region as part of the MultiChoice Group, South Africa's leading entertainment and internet company.

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WTS implements Snell routing, infrastructure and control for SuperSport Africa OB trucks Posted: 29/01/2015

WTS, the global systems integrator and broadcast equipment supplier, is close to completing two new HD OB trucks for SuperSport Africa, together with two support vehicles. The OB trucks are equipped with Snell Sirius 830 multi-format routers, IQ Modular infrastructure and Snell control. One OB truck and support vehicle will be based in Nigeria (OB2), the second in Zambia (OB6). The vehicles are the sixth and seventh HD OB trucks built by WTS for SuperSport, all of which have incorporated Snell routing, infrastructure and control.

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Calrec Installation in South Africa Marks Milestone Success for Summa Audio Console Posted: 14/11/2014

Calrec Audio today announced that it has sold its 20th Summa audio console, the newest in its lineup of advanced digital audio consoles. Since July, Calrec has been delivering Summa desks into the U.S., China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Turkey, Italy, South Africa, South Korea, and Kuwait. The most recent two Summa sales were made to SuperSport Outside Broadcast in South Africa. 

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SuperSport Outside Broadcast Installs Another Calrec Console to Complete Its Transition to HD in South Africa Posted: 31/07/2014

South African outside broadcast (OB) company SuperSport Outside Broadcast, formerly known as M-Net Outside Broadcast, has installed a new Calrec Artemis digital audio console in its new OB truck, OB1HD. The move comes as SuperSport upgrades its fleet from SD to HD to meet the growing demand for HD content. This installation marks the last truck in the fleet to migrate to HD.

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Africas SuperSport Employs Volicon Observer(R) for Compliance Monitoring and Ad Verification for 64 Channels Posted: 28/08/2012
Volicon today announced that SuperSport, one of the world's leading sports broadcasters, is using the Observer(R) digital video logging and monitoring system to record 64 channels (currently eight HD and 56 SD), all locally packaged. The Volicon system -- delivered, installed, and supported by systems integrator Concilium Technologies -- gives SuperSport a reliable, rapid, and straightforward means of performing ongoing compliance monitoring and reporting, as well as ad verification, for all 64 channels.
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SuperSport relies on RTS TELEX in new OB truck Posted: 22/05/2012

With no fewer than 24 channels, SuperSport, a subsidiary of the MIH Group, is the leading sports broadcaster on the African continent. Its programming, which can also be seen in neighboring sub-Saharan countries, includes sporting events from all over the world, broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To meet not only the present but also the future expectations of its viewers, SuperSport recently invested in a new HD outside broadcast truck: the OB6HD, a high-end vehicle in every respect and one with exceptional capabilities, thanks to the lavish array of high-tech equipment on board, not least among which are its 28 high definition cameras. The design and implementation of the installation was the work of Sony PSE (Professional Solutions Europe) at their premises in Basingstoke (UK). SuperSport's new reference vehicle will be used primarily for the live transmission of sporting events.

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C2S Systems, the systems integration arm of WTS based in Leeds, has completed the second of two HD Outside Broadcast units for South African broadcaster SuperSport. The two-part project was commissioned in October 2010 following completion of a three-studio complex by C2S Systems for SuperSport and their sister company, M-Net, in Nigeria. Thefirst half of the project, OB1, was delivered in April this year. The two OBs were ordered as part of SuperSports expansion and upgrade plan, to provide enhanced coverage of the Nigerian football and basket ball leagues in HD, freeing the current fleet for coverage of other sports and events. Both of the new OBs will also be used as general production units for M-Net.

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