PHABRIX Highlights SMPTE ST 2110 Support for Sx TAG Portable Hybrid IP SDI Generator and Analyser Posted: 13/09/2017
PHABRIX is enhancing the IP support of its Sx TAG portable hybrid IP/SDI generator and analyser to include SMPTE ST 2110 as well as 2022-6, in addition to 3G/HD/SD-SDI, optical SDI, and analogue.
Tags: PHABRIX | SMPTE ST 2110 Support | SMPTE | Sx TAG Portable Hybrid IP/SDI | SMPTE ST 2110 | 2022-6 | 3G | HD | SD | SDI | Optical SDI | and Analogue | IBC 2017 | IBC 2017
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PHABRIX at IBC2017 Posted: 26/07/2017
PHABRIX will launch SMPTE 2110 IP signal generation and analysis instruments for its Qx range, along with enhanced HDR visualization capabilities and strengthened support for audio generation, plus moving test patterns. The new IP decapsulation/encapsulation option for the Sx TAG portable range will also be debuted at IBC2017, along with 2K-SDI monitoring and a more versatile, dual instrument display with the Rx 2000 rackmount generator/analyser.
Tags: PHABRIX | IBC2017 | Qx range | decapsulation | encapsulation | SMPTE 2110 | Sx TAG | Rx 2000 | IBC 2017 | IBC 2017
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Another award winning year for PHABRIX at IBC 2013 Posted: 02/10/2013

The PHABRIX TAG proved a huge hit for UK based test and measurement innovator PHABRIX limited at IBC this year. Heralded as a new low cost entry analyser/monitor, the TAG makes PHABRIXs innovative technology affordable for every engineer including those with a tight budget. With a new low cost entry point and a host of interfaces available, the TAG was so well received at the show it was awarded a STAR technology prize.

Tags: TAG | PHABRIX | Sx TAG | hand held test and measurement | IBC 2013
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