DigitalGlue Opens New Atlanta Office in Film Studio: Expands Services to Now Include TV Production and Post Posted: 18/01/2017

DigitalGlue, a leading equipment, integration, and software development provider for the production and distribution of digital video, has announced a decisive move to open a new studio office in Atlanta home to a burgeoning film and production community. With its innovative new space, DigitalGlue offers customers equipment demos, training, VR (Virtual Reality) and post production facilities, expanding beyond the companys traditional role in broadcast contribution and distribution.

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Submitted by Desert Moon Communications
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CBC Upgrades TV Production and Delivery Services With NetApp Posted: 01/12/2016
"Although CBC's legacy storage infrastructure gave them the basic media bandwidth they required, they quickly found they needed additional enterprise-class scalability, reliability, and support to guarantee video throughput for all of their graphics and edit workgroups," said Barry Evans, CTO, Pixit Media. "Given their needs, we knew immediately that a mix of the NetApp E-Series all-flash and hybrid systems would best support their video and audio production needs."
Tags: CBC | TV production | delivery services | NetApp | Pixit Media | storage | recovery | infrastructure | broadcast | Cologne Broadcasting Center
Submitted by NetApp
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Cinegy announces new partnership with Gencom Technology Posted: 15/12/2015
Cinegy, which develops and produces software technology for digital video processing, asset management, video compression, animation and effects, today announced a new partnership with Auckland, New Zealand-based Gencom Technology, a leading provider of integrated media technology solutions.
Tags: Cinegy | Gencom | Digital Video Processing | Asset Management | Video Compresssion | TV Production
Submitted by Manor Marketing
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Presteigne provides studio and production facilities for TFI Friday Posted: 24/11/2015
Presteigne Broadcast Hire has provided the full studio and production facility for One-Ten Productions 10-week run of the relaunched TFI Friday, airing weekly on the UKs Channel 4.
Tags: Presteigne Broadcast Hire | TV Production | One Ten | Imagine Communications | Sony | Calrec | RTS | Artemis
Submitted by Manor Marketing
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Cooke Optics brings miniS4 i lenses to BVE North 2013 Posted: 01/11/2013

At BVE North 2013 Cooke Optics, the multi-award winning manufacturer of precision lenses for film and television, will demonstrate its miniS4/i lenses that are increasingly being used to bring an organic look to digital content for high end television dramas such as Devious Maids and The Client List. The Leicester-based company will also show its T1.4 5/i prime lenses on Stand D28.

Tags: cooke | optics | camera | lens | film | tv | production | data | drama | digital | arri | alexa | sony | f3 | BVE North 2013 | BVE North 2013
Submitted by Bubble and Squeak
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ALL3MEDIA AMERICA Gears Up With EditShare Posted: 01/10/2013

EditShare®, the technology leader in shared media storage and end-to-end tapeless workflow solutions, announced today that Los Angeles-based ALL3MEDIA AMERICA has purchased the high-performance EditShare XStream shared storage platform for the companys new post facility located in Culver City, California. Known for producing hit reality television programs such as Undercover Boss (CBS) and The Pitch (AMC), ALL3MEDIA AMERICA is expanding its post-production infrastructure to include 25 new Avid edit suites connected to a massive 192-TB EditShare XStream system. EditShare will serve as the new facilitys main content repository, providing key project and media sharing capabilities for editors to meet ALL3MEDIA AMERICAs demanding post schedule and deadlines.

Tags: ALL3MEDIA AMERICA | EditShare | EditShare 192-TB XStream | EditShare Shared storage | EditShare XStream | end-to-end production | end-to-end tapeless workflow | media sharing | Production | shared media storage | Timeline Digital Editing | TV production
Submitted by Zazil Media Group
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Pacific Television Center Simplifies its Productions with FOR-As UFM-30FRC Frame Rate Converter Posted: 20/05/2013

FOR-A Corporation of America announces that Pacific Television Center (PacTV), a leading provider of global transmission and live broadcast production services, is relying on its UFM-30FRC HD/SD frame rate converter for the companys operations.  PacTV owns three UFM-30FRC units and has been using its up/down/cross converting capabilities for wide-ranging format conversions to transmit feeds around the world. 

Tags: FOR-A | PacTV | television production | TV production | frame rate converter | FRC | format conversion | satellite | fiber network
Submitted by Pipeline Communications
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Gray Television Builds New Technology Strategy with Vizrt at its Cornerstone Posted: 21/05/2012

As the nations largest owner of stations in mid-size markets, Gray Television Group dominates broadcasting across Middle America. With 36 diverse affiliates spread throughout college towns and state capitols, Gray VP of Technology Jim Ocon recognized his companys crucial need to establish a common cost-effective, automated workflow across all its stations. To meet this challenge, Ocon established a new technology strategy he calls the Gray Model.

Tags: Vizrt | Gray Television | TV production | news production | graphics | Gray Model
Submitted by Pipeline Communications
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Tualatin Valley Community TV Adds Broadcast Pix Mica Video Control Centers to New Control Rooms Posted: 27/04/2012

Based in Beaverton, Ore., Tualatin Valley Community TV (TVCTV) produces PEG (public, educational, and government) programming for cable subscribers in 14 cities and Washington County. Earlier this year, TVCTV moved from a three-studio setup it shared with a magnet school to its own two-studio facility. Each new studio has its own control room, which is anchored by a Broadcast Pix¢ Mica¢ Video Control Center¢.

Tags: Broadcast Pix | TV production | switchers | video control center | TVCTV | video production
Submitted by Pipeline Communications
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FOX Sports Takes Vizrt Technology Under the Hood for Second Time at Daytona 500 Posted: 11/04/2012

Vizrt Ltd announced today that FOX Sports employed Vizrt live broadcast graphics technology during its HDTV coverage of the Daytona 500 on February 27, 2012.  This is the second consecutive season that the Vizrt graphics production workflow has been an integral part of The Daytona 500 telecast.

Tags: Vizrt | graphics | NASCAR | Daytona 500 | FOX Sports | workflow | graphics production | TV production
Submitted by Pipeline Communications
More from this author Delivers News, Live Sports Coverage with Broadcast Pix Posted: 27/03/2012

Broadcast Pix today announced that, a local TV station covering the Emsland and Grafschaft Bentheim district in Lower Saxony, Germany, is using a Granite 5000 Video Control Center in the control room of its brand-new studio and a Slate 1000 Video Control Center in its OB van. Primarily, the station uses its systems to produce a daily newscast and talk show in the studio, while the production van is used to cover football games.

Tags: broadcast pix | video control center | switcher | TV production | sports | OB van | granite | slate | control room | football coverage
Submitted by Pipeline Communications
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Polecam sells 400th rig - to DJ Chris Evans UMTV Posted: 27/03/2012

 Evans company bought Polecam Starter Pack PLUS worth £6,000 from Polecam reseller CVP to go with two brand new Canon C300 video cameras worth £11,000 each.

 From its Bedford base, Polecam manufactures lightweight, highly portable carbon-fibre rigs that can be mounted on a standard tripod giving cameramen a reach of up eight metres with a pan and tilt remote-controlled head.

 Steffan Hewitt, Polecams managing director, said: We are absolutely thrilled to have shipped our 400th rig especially to a high-profile customer such as Chris Evans.

 The first Starter Pack was sold in 2011 and it has helped boost sales tremendously because it is so versatile and adds such great production values for videographers and smaller companies.

 Maybe UMTV will get some brilliant crane shots with their Starter Pack for Chris Evans forthcoming Carfest festival in August, in aid of Children In Need and if he needs help the Polecam boys are always willing to lend a hand!

Tags: Polecam | Polecam Starter Pack | lightweight | portable | camera crane | DSLR | DSLR cameras | Canon C300 | UMTV | Chris Evans | DJ | carbon fibre | video production company | tv production company
Submitted by Nancy Cavill, Everymedia for Polecam
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Far Eastern University Department of Communication Upgrades to HD Production with Broadcast Pix Granite Posted: 28/02/2012

Broadcast Pix today announced that the Department of Communication at Far Eastern University (FEU) in Manila, Philippines, recently renovated its video production facilities with a Granite 1000 Video Control Center. The new Broadcast Pix system is part of an upgrade to HD production for FEUs television production classes.

Tags: Broadcast Pix | video control center | switcher | HD | Far Eastern University | education technology | TV production
Submitted by Pipeline Communications
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Broadcast Pix Granite Anchors New Production Van for Riverside Government Television Posted: 10/01/2012

Broadcast Pix today announced that Riverside Government Television (GTV), the public, educational, and government (PEG) channel for the City of Riverside, Calif., has anchored its new production van with a Granite 500 integrated live video production system. While the van was not ready for the beginning of the 2011 football season, GTV produced coverage of five high school football games during the final three weeks of the season and has already covered one University of California Riverside basketball game live, with more planned in the near future.

Tags: Broadcast Pix | TV production | news production | live video | video production | sports coverage | control room
Submitted by Pipeline Communications
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Vizrt Signs Broadcast Graphics Deal with a Korean TV Channel Posted: 12/12/2011

Vizrt Ltd., a leading provider of content production tools for the digital media industry, announced today that the Company has signed a deal worth USD 520,000 for the implementation of broadcast graphics solutions with a Korean TV channel.

The solution includes Viz Engine to power the channels HD content. Viz Artist will be driving dynamic 3D graphics design. Template management will be handled by Viz Content Pilot, which will also be the character generator (CG) for the control room. In the studio, Viz Video Wall ERwill be displaying real time HD content. The Video Wall is made interactive through integration with Viz Anchor.

About Vizrt:
Vizrt provides real-time 3D graphics and asset management tools for the broadcast industry from award-winning animations & maps to online publishing tools. Vizrts products are used by the worlds leading broadcasters and publishing houses, including: CNN, CBS, Fox, the BBC, BSkyB, ITN, ZDF, Star TV, Network 18, TV Today, CCTV, NHK, The Globe and Mail, Times Online, The Telegraph, and Welt Online. Furthermore, many world-class production houses and corporate institutions such as the Stock Exchanges in New York and London use Vizrt systems.

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Submitted by Pipeline Communications
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