Fire Department of New York broadcasts fires live with Streamur iPhone application Posted: 16/03/2017

The Fire Department of New York (FDNY) the United States largest fire department recently deployed a live broadcasting platform to aid in situational awareness for fighting fires. The platform was custom-built by Mobile Viewpoint and its US partner company, KenCast.

Tags: Mobile Viewpoint | FDNY | Drone | government | transmitter | fire | US | KenCast | Steamur
Submitted by Whiteoaks
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Crystal Vision has released a fibre optic transmitter and receiver for its new Vision frame system. The FTX-VF dual channel fibre transmitter and FRX-VF dual channel fibre receiver have been designed to transmit and receive 3Gb/s, HD and SD signals over large distances. Meeting the SMPTE 297-2006 short-haul specification, they can be used with single-mode or multi-mode fibre and are perfect for moving signals around in big installations. With up to 20 space-saving cards (40 channels) fitting in 3U, the useful features include full DVB-ASI compatibility and the ability to fit CWDM lasers along with multiple outputs and loop-throughs which reduce the need for additional distribution amplifiers. 

Tags: Crystal Vision | fibre | transmitter | receiver | FTX-VF | FRX-VF | SMPTE | signal
Submitted by Crystal Vision Ltd.
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TVU Networks to Showcase Full Line of IP Video Solutions at NAB 2017 Posted: 17/02/2017

TVU Networks will concentrate its efforts at this years NAB convention around demonstrating its hardware and software ecosystem for IP video. A full range of current and new TVU solutions, including the MLink TE4500 H.265/HEVC rack-mount encoder, TVU RPS (Remote Production System), TVU One mobile IP transmitter, and TVU Anywhere app will be on display in TVUs NAB booth (C3739) this April. TVU will make its first appearance in the Central Hall this year, moving from its traditional location in South Hall. NAB 2017 runs from April 22 through the 27th at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC).

Tags: TVU Networks | video transmission | remote production | TVU | NAB 2017 | NAB Show | mobile IP | IP transmitter | IP video | mobile uplink
Submitted by Pipeline Communications
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Domo Broadcast on track with Mumbai Marathon Posted: 14/02/2017
DTC, Domo Broadcast has announced its SOLO HD transmitters and PRORXD 8-Way Diversity RF system was used for coverage of the 2017 Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon on 15 January.
Tags: DTC | Domo Broadcast | Mumbai Marathon | Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon | SOLO HD transmitters | PRORXD 8-Way Diversity RF system | multi-way COFDM receiver
Submitted by Manor Marketing
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Domo Broadcast Debuts new Nano HD for Broadcast at NAB 2017 Posted: 06/02/2017
Las Vegas, NAB Show 2017, Booth C7137: Domo Broadcast, the subdivision of Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) will feature its new Broadcast Nano HD transmitter, PRORXD 8-Way Diversity RF wireless receiver platform, and improved bi-directional camera controls at NAB 2017.
Tags: Domo | Domo Broadcast | PRORXD | SOLO7 OBTX | RF | transmitters | NAB | NAB Show | 3G Wireless | NAB 2017 | NAB 2017
Submitted by Manor Marketing
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Broadcast RF gets Lost in London Posted: 27/01/2017
Broadcast RF has announced that it supplied the full turnkey wireless solution for the 100 minute comedy, Lost in London, written, directed and starred in by Woody Harrelson, that is the first ever Hollywood movie to be broadcast live to more than 500 cinemas in the USA and one cinema in London.
Tags: Broadcast RF | RF | DomoBroadcast | DTC | Domo HD transmitter | Nineteen Fifteen | Lost in London | Woody Harrelson | movie | live streaming
Submitted by Manor Marketing
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Wisycom Wakes Up with CBS This Morning Posted: 15/11/2016
When Jim Dugan, owner and CEO of JetWave Wireless, and his team were called upon to provide wireless coverage for CBS' broadcast of the preview of the National African American Museum, he knew they could rely on Wisycom to deliver flawless RF coverage through the 350,000-square-foot building. JetWave Wireless, an industry leader in large scale wireless entertainment and television production, exclusively used Wisycom products to support the entire broadcast.
Tags: Wisycom | Wireless Microphone Receivers | IFB Transmitters | Bodypack Transmitters
Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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RTL Nieuws to Rely on Dejeros LIVE+ EnGo Mobile Transmitter for Live US Election Results Show Posted: 08/11/2016

Dejero, an innovator in cloud-managed solutions that simplify the transport of live video and real-time data across remote or mobile IP networks, has announced that Dutch broadcaster, RTL Nieuws, will be covering tomorrow nights US election results from a studio in New York in a special four-hour long live show, using Dejeros compact and mobile LIVE+ EnGo to transmit video and audio back to the Netherlands.

Tags: Dejero | RTL Nieuws | US Elections | 2016 | LIVE+ EnGo | Mobile Transmitter
Submitted by MKM Marketing and Communications
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GatesAir Maxiva ULXT Liquid-Cooled DTV Transmitters Reduce Costs, Enhance Performance for Louisiana-Based Duopoly Posted: 24/10/2016

KTBS-TV3 and KPXJ-CW21a duopoly owned by KTBS, LLC in Shreveport, LArecently upgraded to Maxiva¢ ULXT liquid-cooled UHF DTV transmitters from GatesAir, the global leader in wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for TV and radio broadcasters. These solid-state UHF DTV transmitters are built-upon GatesAirs PowerSmart® Plus architecture, its next-generation green transmission technology to significantly lower energy consumption and power bills.

Tags: GatesAir | Maxiva | UHF DTV | transmitters | TV | broadcast | wireless | over-the-air content delivery
Submitted by Dimension PR
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GatesAir Announces Digital TV and FM Radio Wins in Vietnam Posted: 26/09/2016

GatesAir, a global leader in wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for radio and TV broadcasters, announces three important wins in Vietnam that signifies the over-the-air TV and radio transformation taking shape across the Asia-Pacific region. 

Tags: GatesAir | Vietnam | wireless | high efficiency transmitters | over-the-air content delivery | digital television | DVB-T2
Submitted by Dimension PR
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Domo Broadcast SOLO7 Nano HD transmitter flying high for IBC Posted: 05/09/2016
Domo Broadcast has announced the use of its SOLO7 Nano HD transmitter by The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment's Parachute display team - "The Tigers" for live and streaming coverage of their aerial displays at the recent Bournemouth Air Festival.
Tags: Domo | Domo Broadcast | Domo Tactical Communications | SOLO7 OBTx | SOLO8 SDR | SOLO8 Software Defined Radio | RF | SOLO8ENG | IBC | Transmitter | RF Solution | IBC 2016
Submitted by Manor Marketing
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Domo Broadcast partners with Studio Hamburg MCI Posted: 01/09/2016
Stand 1.F41, IBC Amsterdam: Domo Broadcast has announced a partnership with Studio Hamburg MCI, which will sell, service, and support Domos complete range of broadcast products throughout Germany and the countries in which Studio Hamburg MCI operates.
Tags: Domo | Domo Broadcast | Domo Tactical Communications | SOLO7 OBTx | SOLO8 SDR | SOLO8 Software Defined Radio | RF | SOLO8ENG | IBC | Transmitter | RF Solution
Submitted by Manor Marketing
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GatesAir Launches IP-Native Air-Cooled Transmitter Range at IBC2016 Posted: 30/08/2016

GatesAir, a global leader in wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for radio and TV broadcasters, will launch its first transmitter range with native IP capability at IBC2016. Branded as Maxiva¢ UAXTE, this new range of air-cooled UHF transmitters brings instant adaptability and enhanced flexibility to the broadcast industrys latest over-the-air DTV standards (ATSC, DVB-T/T2, ISDB-Tb), that benefit from the flexibility of IP networking and connectivity. Likewise, its software-defined modulation allows seamless migration to future digital TV standards worldwide, including the emerging ATSC 3.0 modulation.

Tags: UAXTE | GatesAir | IBC 2016 | Maxiva | transmitters | UHF Transmitters | DTV | IBC 2016
Submitted by Dimension PR
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Introducing Ursa Straps The Perfect Addition To The Radio Microphone Box Posted: 09/08/2016
Sound recordist Simon Bysshe and Costumier Laura Smith have combined their knowledge and expertise to create URSA Straps, a unique range of low profile body worn straps designed to conceal radio microphone transmitters. 
Tags: URSA Straps | Simony Bysshe | Laura Smith | Body Worn | Radio Microphone Transmitter Pack | IBC 2016 | IBC 2016
Submitted by White Noise Public Relations Ltd
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Bolt transmits over 1 kilometer with zero latency Posted: 02/08/2016

Teradek is proud to announce the Bolt 1000 and Bolt 3000, two new zero delay wireless video systems that can transmit up to 1000ft and 3000ft respectively. Both models offer greatly improved wireless performance at more affordable prices, while maintaining visually lossless image quality.

Tags: teradek | bolt | transmitter
Submitted by Seth Net
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