Ciner Group Gains Flexibility and Agility With AVIWEST Digital Mobile Newsgathering Solution Posted: 21/03/2017
AVIWEST, a global provider of video contribution systems, today announced that Ciner Group, one of Turkey's leading media groups, has deployed its DMNG PRO180-RA transmitters, DMNG StreamHub receiver platform, and DMNG APP smartphone application for use across the country, including the Syria, Iran, and Iraq borders. By providing Ciner Group with a compact, lightweight digital mobile newsgathering solution with a quick boot time, AVIWEST gives the media group and its TV services (including Show TV, Haberturk, and BloombergHT) increased agility and flexibility, enhancing its news coverage.
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Turkish Radio Television Goes On The Air With Shotoku Camera Support Systems Posted: 16/10/2013

Shotoku Broadcast Systems, a leading international manufacturer of advanced camera support products, has been awarded a tender from Turkish Radio Television (TRT) for a significant complement of manual camera support gear.  Working through Istanbul-based Basari, TRT placed an order comprised of the Companys professional tripods systems paired with heavy duty pan & tilt heads all technically qualified and approved by TRT. Shotoku Sales Manager David Shepherd announced this important company sale from its European headquarters in Staines, UK.

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Solid State Logic Supplies C10 HD Compact Broadcast Consoles for Four TRT SNG OB vanS Posted: 23/03/2011
Solid State Logic is pleased to announce that C10 HD Compact Broadcast Consoles have been installed in four Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) SNG/OB vans. This furthers the broadcast entitys plan to have a fleet of vans by the end of 2011 with audio handled by the C10 HD in all vans.

TRT produces 15 television and nine radio programs broadcast to the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa in more than 15 languages. Two existing vans have been assigned to Istanbul, with two new trucks now complete and being dispatched for use in Ankara.

The C10 gives TRT the sound quality and feature set necessary for the multiple missions performed by the vans covering everything from live news gathering to sports events. The C10 compact size and self-contained design makes it the perfect fit for the TRT fleet of outside broadcast vehicles.

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