UCLAN Neve Genesys Black Console Plays a Key Role In Mixing Projects For The Global Sound Movement Posted: 21/04/2020
UCLAN and rsquo;s Neve Genesys Black Console Plays a Key Role In Mixing Projects For The Global Sound Movement

Capturing the sound of hand-built instruments is the sole remit of the Global Sound Movement (GSM), an organisation established in 2015 by lecturers and researchers from the University of Central Lancashire. GSM samples unique instruments in their natural setting. In addition to natural ambient recordings, GSM also creates high resolution, broadcast quality virtual instruments and sound libraries that can be integrated with music production software. 

Postproduction for GSM’s recording projects is carried out at the University’s Media Factory in a professionally equipped recording studio that has a Neve Genesys Black GB32 console as its centrepiece. 

Phil Holmes, a producer and lecturer in Music Production at UCLAN, is one of the co-founders of GSM. He says: “The Neve Genesys Black is the ideal console for tackling GSM postproduction because it has such a wonderful, warm analogue sound. The fact that it is digitally controlled is also invaluable because we were able to automate the consoles analogue features, processing the samples in real time, keeping up a fast paced in-the-box workflow while maintaining absolute analogue sonic quality throughout. No other console I have worked on can achieve this. The total recall of the board meant that we could work on large sessions while compiling the thousands of samples we had collected, process them and then come back to the console session at a later date when more recordings were sent back to the studio from subsequent GSM trips.”


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Avid systems simplify workflow at UCLan Posted: 03/05/2018
Avid systems simplify workflow at UCLan

Altered Images has recently supported the University of Central Lancashire with a large update to its Avid Media Composer systems, as part of the university’s complete Avid Interplay, iNews and Avid shared storage infrastructure. Since the Media Composers operate in an Interplay environment, Altered Images also made sure all components in the system were upgraded to the correct versions.

Additionally, Altered Images helped UCLan update Avid MediaCentral, improving collaboration by integrating news, sports, post-production and live-production workflows. MediaCentral enables students to access media and work on projects from anywhere, plus UCLan’s tutors are now able to view student work – both on and off campus – without being at a Media Composer station.

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