When you only have one chance Josh Wiese perfectly captures the solar eclipse with the Sony FS7 and Atomos Ninja Flame monitor recorder Posted: 23/08/2017

When youre trying to capture the moment of a lifetime, you cant afford to take any chances. So when Josh Wiese and his teammates set out to film the solar eclipse this week - the first total eclipse to cross the US coast-to-coast for almost a century - he knew hed need a lot of research and equipment he could count upon.

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24 DP Rodney Charters ASC uses the new Atomos Sumo 19 monitor recorder to film Youtube star Kaiman Wong Posted: 31/07/2017

Hollywood Director of Photography Rodney Charters ASC has been one of the first to use the new Atomos Sumo 19 production monitor and recorder. Charters, best known for his work on landmark series 24, teamed up Youtube star Kaiman Wong, to shoot a comedy episode for his hugely popular channel.

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Bakewell Pairs Schneider Xenon FF-Primes and Panasonic VariCam LT Posted: 24/10/2016

Richard Bakewell, best known for his camerawork on such television shows as Cops and Intervention, recently penned his second film. To create a proof-of-concept and short film based on an 80s throwback horror-genre feature-length screenplay Postpartum, he took the helm as Director and Executive Producer.

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