Veritone New Products Features Posted: 28/02/2020
Veritone New Products Features

A flexible, future-proof operating system for AI, Veritone aiWARE provides access to cognitive engines optimized for media and entertainment use cases through a single software infrastructure. Users can leverage turnkey applications built on aiWARE, such as Veritone Discovery, Veritone Attribute, or Veritone Digital Media Hub, or enhance existing enterprise systems and processes via API integrations.

A recent update to aiWARE includes the expansion of its content classification capabilities to support IAB Tech Lab Content Taxonomy-compliant metadata output via aiWARE APIs. The new offering will enable podcast distribution platforms to programmatically transcribe and tag audio streams with topical, descriptive, and time-correlated keyword metadata prior to publishing, allowing for advanced contextual ad targeting at scale. Further, greater insight into the subject matter of the podcast helps advertisers maintain brand safety.

Additionally, Veritone has integrated its aiWARE with Adobe Premiere Panel. Users can access aiWARE’s transcription and translation AI while working within an Adobe project to streamline their edits.

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