Intigral Selects Broadpeak for CDN Deployment of New Video Distribution Platform Posted: 21/09/2016
Broadpeak, a leading provider of content delivery network (CDN) technologies and live and video-on-demand (VOD) servers for content providers and PayTV operators worldwide, today announced that Intigral, a leading provider of video delivery solutions in the Middle East and North Africa region, has selected Broadpeak solutions to support the deployment of its CDN and video distribution platform. Through Broadpeak's BkS300 origin and streaming servers, BkS400 video cache servers, and BkM100 CDN manager, Broadpeak will help Intigral deliver a variety of advanced television services, including live, VOD, catch-up, and start-over, ensuring a superior quality of experience (QoE) for subscribers on every screen.
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