AVer Europe launches new wireless educational visualisers Posted: 19/12/2019
AVer Europe launches new wireless educational visualisers

AVer Europe, the award-winning provider of video collaboration solutions and education technology solutions, today announces the UK launch of the M70W and M15W wireless visualisers.

The breakthrough technology design of both visualisers makes it simple to go from set-up to classroom. Sleek and compact design, combined with rich video capture, provides teachers portability and flexibility.

The AVer M70W mechanical arm visualiser provides a powerful platform to capture and share information in the classroom. It transforms eLearning by enhancing interactive discussions between teachers and students. A versatile mechanical arm and solid body support a 13-megapixel camera with vividly detailed 4K, 60fps imaging and a powerful 230X total zoom capacity.

The AVer M15W mechanical arm visualiser has an ultra-compact and lightweight form factor. With wireless connectivity, rechargeable battery, and a weight of approximately 3 pounds, the M15W is a lightweight device designed for sharing around the classroom and for providing boundary-free distance learning.

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AVer Europe Launches New High Spec Visualiser for Educators Posted: 28/11/2019
AVer Europe Launches New High Spec Visualiser for Educators

AVer Europe has announced the launch of the M17-13M, its new mechanical arm visualiser, to the UK market. Boasting a 13-megapixel camera, 35.2X total zoom and full HD quality, the M17-13M offers one of the highest visualiser specifications available to education institutions to transform teaching and learning practices.

Operating as a document camera with impressive angle control, the M17-13M visualiser enables users to capture the best image clarity and detail. The onboard annotation capability provides users with the opportunity to add notes, highlight important information or add captions to presentation material easily, making explaining a tricky concept or a key point to a classroom simple.

Designed with a fully adjustable neck and head, the M17-13M visualiser can rotate, swivel, expand and collapse for the perfect angle to display presentation materials, including paper or 3D models. Its versatile compact design means it can be neatly folded away, making it ideal for quick storage or sharing between classrooms and practitioners. The product is bundled with AVER’s A+ Suite classroom software for visualisers and comes with a five-year warranty.

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