One choice that ticks all the boxes....Peli cases Posted: 20/03/2020
One choice that ticks all the boxes and hellip;.Peli cases

Documentary television cameraman Jonathan Young has relied on Peli cases to protect and transport his valuable camera kit for over 20 years. He has travelled with Peli cases to the most inhospitable and sometimes downright dangerous locations throughout the world, including war torn Afghanistan and Gaza.

He has embarked on his latest adventure with several new Peli Air cases; these have been designed and engineered to maintain the same level of durability, but reduce the weight of each case by up to 40 percent. Air cases are waterproof and crushproof and offer additional sizes to the Peli Protector and Peli Storm case lines.

Jonathan explained “I am shooting the new series, the South America leg of The America’s with Simon Reeve for BBC. This is the first leg of the journey across the Guyana Shield; Southern Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam, French Guiana.

These pictures were taken at the top of a Tepui. A Tepui is where the indigenous people’s gods live. They are sacred spaces that are 2800m above sea level. When working and camping at that altitude in such a rugged terrain, you have to be able to rely on the equipment you bring with you. To protect that equipment from the elements - sand, rain and the rough handling in transport to the top of the mountain in a cargo net slung under a helicopter, there is only one choice that ticks all the boxes…Peli cases.

The new Air range has taken every single journey I have made across various remote parts of the globe, housing my camera kit in its stride. I had worried at first that the cases might be too thin. My fears were unfounded. The cases I have used, they have taken every beating and battering baggage handlers, airports, rough tracks in pickups and the exposure to the elements. They have done exactly what they were supposed to do.”

The Peli Air range is now available in 16 sizes with more colour choices for many models. Deep cases and a long version, the 1745, have recently been added to the range.



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