Mediaproxy helps broadcasters meet challenges of remote workflows Posted: 08/06/2020
Mediaproxy helps broadcasters meet challenges of remote workflows

Mediaproxy, the leading provider of software-based IP broadcast solutions, has been at the forefront of developing new television distribution workflows over the last 20 years. A major part of this has involved allowing increased remote operation of key functions such as monitoring and analyzing streams to ensure quality and compliance with international standards and national regulations.

There has been a growing interest in the potential of remote working over the last five years, particularly in allowing the coverage of news and sports events with smaller crews under the direct control of the main studio gallery. But the coronavirus crisis has forced a major rethink of how TV programs are not only produced but also monitored and distributed.

Mediaproxy has been able to offer its users, who include leading broadcast networks, streaming service operators and facilities, the flexibility to perform quality control (QC) and compliance monitoring away from the main master control room (MCR) or network operations center (NOC).

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DejaSoft extends half-price offer of DejaEdit licenses until end of July to assist with Remote Collaboration Posted: 28/04/2020
DejaSoft extends half-price offer of DejaEdit licenses until end of July to assist with Remote Collaboration

DejaSoft further assists with the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak by extending its 50% discount on all DejaEdit licenses until end of July. 

CEO Clas Hakeröd, “At this unprecedented time, we are extending our offer of 50% off all DejaEdit licenses. We hope to help studios, production companies, post production facilities and remote teams using Avid's creative tools. The deal is designed to help professionals complete their projects and to support them on any new work they undertake over this period.”

“As editors adapt to circumstances caused by the global pandemic, we continue to offer assistance to post and production communities to sustain a much-valued industry.” DejaSoft’s CTO Nikolai Waldman.

DejaEdit is a revolutionary utility that enables editors and operators to collaborate between multiple remote Avid editing platforms. It ensures that media and timelines created or imported in one connected system are shared and mirrored to the local or network storage of other connected systems. This takes place automatically, quickly and securely in the background, using an internet connection.

Applications include allowing multiple remote editors to work together on a single project, or speeding up file exchanges between location-based editors, DITs, and VFX houses, or allowing projects to be accessed anywhere, anytime, maintaining a robust and up-to-date local copy of all required media files.


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