VITEC Products on Display at WFX 2016 Posted: 30/08/2016
VITEC Products on Display at WFX 2016
VITEC's IPTV House of Worship Solution enables houses of worship (HOW) to extend their reach across multiple campuses while fostering a sense of community among all church members. VITEC has teamed with Zixi(TM) to offer an integrated streaming solution that delivers pristine HD video across multiple church campuses. By combining VITEC encoding and decoding technology with Zixi stream protection, houses of worship can provide enhanced video delivery to truly engage their followers. Developed to meet the demands of large-scale venues, VITEC/Zixi live streaming solutions offer high-quality, low-latency HD video streaming for point-to-point, bi-directional, and multi-site events.
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VITEC Video Innovations at Worship Facilities Expo (WFX) 2015 Posted: 02/11/2015
VITEC Video Innovations at Worship Facilities Expo (WFX) 2015
VITEC at WFX 2015
Point-to-point Streaming -- VITEC Encoder and Decoder Combination With Integrated Zixi(TM) Stream Protection
Many houses of worship around the world are expanding their reach and looking to accomplish a similar goal -- one church, multiple locations. Every weekend members of different houses of worship gather as a community spread across multiple campuses to view the service delivered live. The main challenge with achieving this goal is how to economically deliver a reliable HD-quality video signal that engages the remote audience as if they were at the main campus, while also offering a scalable platform that can grow with the congregation. Historically, the only way to deliver HD quality content was to use a costly one-way fiber or satellite transmission service.   
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