Bakewell Pairs Schneider Xenon FF-Primes and Panasonic VariCam LT Posted: 24/10/2016

Richard Bakewell, best known for his camerawork on such television shows as Cops and Intervention, recently penned his second film. To create a proof-of-concept and short film based on an 80s throwback horror-genre feature-length screenplay Postpartum, he took the helm as Director and Executive Producer.

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Schneider Factory Rebates and Free Case for Xenon FF-Prime Lenses Posted: 12/09/2016

Schneider Optics announces a factory mail-in rebate program for its Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon FF-Prime Lenses. The color-matched family consists of 25mm/T2.1, 35mm/T2.1, 50mm/T2.1, 75mm/T2.1, 100mm/ T2.1 and the new 18mm/T2.4 Wide Angleall yielding full-frame beyond 4K imagery in matched compact, uniform dimensions. The popular lenses offer a choice of Interchangeable mounts for either Canon EF, Nikon F, PL or, Sony E.

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Bexel Expands Turnkey Broadcast Capabilities with Two-Million-Dollar Purchase of Evertz Routing Systems Posted: 26/04/2012

Bexel, a unit of the Vitec Groups Services Division and a leading worldwide provider of broadcast services and solutions, is continuing its commitment to offer large routing systems as part of the companys turnkey broadcast capabilities with a recent two-million-dollar purchase of digital broadcast equipment from Evertz Microsystems. Last year, Bexel purchased an additional two-million-dollars worth of Evertz routing and processing equipment. The gear made its debut at the 2011 US Open Tennis Tournament.

Bexels latest investment in Evertz large routing systems ex
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