BCD AUDIO at SoundPro 2015 Posted: 04/09/2015
BCD AUDIO at SoundPro 2015

The exhibition is being run by Resolution Magazine, on behalf of the Institute of Professional Sound ( IPS ), and is at Ealing Town Hall, Saturday 26th September from 11AM to 5PM.

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Martin Lumsden, owner of The Cream Room has launched Cream Room Sound Productions (CRSP) to offer a whole new range of services.

Martin Lumsden is already attracting the cream of new talent at his Cream Room studios in Dane End, Hertfordshire, having recently recorded the successful acoustic pop trio The Folk and young singer/songwriter Alexa Mullins, but the CRSP owner and MD is also eager to point out that music production and sound recording facilities should be available to everyone, as it is at the Cream Room.  In fact, Lumsden even has a studio in a bag on hand so that he can undertake location recording, bringing the opportunity right to your door.  

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BCD Audio launches new web shop with new products Posted: 02/07/2013
BCD Audio launches new web shop with new products

UK designer and manufacturer of broadcast and professional audio products BCD Audio has launched new products coinciding with the opening of their new web shop.

BCD Audio managing director Mike Law said We were asked to create these products for the television studios at New Broadcasting House, and are delighted to make them available to other users as well.  All of these units are available from our new web shop, along with our Black Boxes and PAM audio monitor system. We hope customers will find the web shop a useful method of gathering information and placing purchases.

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