Calrec NAB 2020 Preview: Central Hall Stand C8008 Posted: 13/02/2020
Calrec NAB 2020 Preview: Central Hall Stand C8008

Calrec’s Type R for TV is a new virtual mixing console with its design allowing customers to take advantage of these new workflows. It’s flexible and integrated native IP core gives customers a way to benefit from virtual working practices by integrating with station automation systems. Type R for TV is driven by station automation and is compatible with popular station automation systems including Ross Overdrive, Sony ELC and Grass Valley Ignite. Type R is the best of both worlds – it provides fully automated programming with real-time adjustment of unpredictable external factors via a standard web browser. Type R’s small, adaptable and highly portable hardware elements can be easily added if desired.Powered by standard POE switches, Type R has three different panel options. If broadcasters prefer a physical surface then banks of 6 x faders can be added, or adaptable soft panels like Calrec’s Large Soft Panel (LSP) and Small Soft Panel (SSP) can be used.

VP2 virtualized mixing system

Calrec’s VP2 virtualized mixing system has no physical control surface and utilisesCalrec’s Assist software for setup and control. VP2’s 4U core comes in three DSP sizes; 128, 180 and 240 input channels, and incorporates Calrec’s powerful Hydra2 networking solution. As with all Hydra2 products this can be controlled by a station automation system.

VP2 enables a station to reap many of the benefits of using a Calrec console, but without a physical control surface. Calrec’s Assist UI can be accessed from multiple locations via a web-browser. Control can be limited to basic functions or full control can be awarded to delve deeper to fine tune the setup or recall different shows as needed.

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GLOBECAST NAB 2020 SHOW PREVIEW Posted: 06/02/2020

On show at NAB 2020 (Booth SU9910)

The new reality of cloud play-out

Globecast will be highlighting its latest global cloud playout technological and service model developments as the company continues to lead the way across the next phase of real-world deployments. Globecast has worked with a portfolio of clients over the past two years or more on a range of cloud services; not least using cloud playout for the launch, in the UK, of Virgin’s TV Ultra HD channel in the fall of 2018.


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Digital Video Group (DVG) recently installed and commissioned a Calrec Brio 12 digital broadcast audio console as part of a brand-new broadcast studio project for NBC Virginia affiliate, WSLS. The Brio was selected by WSLS and DVG for its powerful and comprehensive feature set and audio quality.

“We typically spec Calrec for our high-end installations because the company offers great support as well as quality equipment,” says Alex Martin, CEO, Digital Video Group. “We went with the Calrec Brio 12 because we knew it would act as a bridge between the studio’s analog equipment and digital gear. Since the system and the production control room are automated, a large traditional audio mixer wasn’t required for this project.”

While the focus was on automation, the Brio gives the studio a physical interface where users can manually operate it, if required. The fact that the Brio can use both MADI and Dante was also an important capability for the WSLS project. Installing the Calrec console, using multi-channel digital audio with a Ross router, expedited setup and required less than six cables, where it was once necessary to use dozens.


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