PEC introduce new innovative production tools at BVE 2012. Posted: 12/01/2012
PEC introduce new innovative production tools at BVE 2012.

Among the new products on show will be the Pico Flex Dolly the smallest camera dolly system on the market and Swivi a new innovative location swivel lcd monitor.

One of the most essential products for any one serious about the quality of their video pictures is the location monitor but PEC say the existing products on the market usually require additional mounting accessories and battery solutions and are priced beyond the reach of many customers, either that or they are so low quality you might as well stick with the provided Camera LCD. Swivi is a new and innovative design which adds a large 5.6" Hi Resolution swivel HDMI LCD monitor to almost any camera. For what PEC believes is an incredible price Swivi delivers 600 lines of resolution, HDMI connectivity with loop through, focus peaking and zoom in functions, all this in a design that can attach straight to most cameras.

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