More Canon Kit from Hawk-Woods Posted: 27/07/2010
hawkwoods Hawk-Woods have extended their 'Canon Kit' range and can now provide a range of alternative power solutions for EOS D5 & D7 operators. Their existing series of cable-mounted Canon dummy camera batteries have been complimented with a V-Lok Power Distribution Box.
Featuring five 2-pin D-Tap sockets, they allow the user to run the camera and additional equipment from V-Mount type batteries – like the Hawk-Woods V-Lok range. These will provide the operator with a huge amount of portable power. Available with either 12V regulated or unregulated outputs, the VL-DC5 or 5X, are perfect for those with a set-up that includes a camera, dual monitors and HDMI splitter.
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Submitted by Dave Sturgeon
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Hawk-Woods Adapts to Canon D7 Posted: 28/05/2010
canon adapter
Hawk-Woods have just announced a series of battery power adaptors for the Canon EOS D5 and D7 cameras. As those in the industry will know, these stills cameras are now being used prominently for their HD recording capabilities.
Hawk-Woods' DC-5D adaptors feature a cable mounted dummy LP-E6 type battery, which is linked to either a 2-pin D-Tap, or 4-Pin Hirose plug.
These adaptors allow the cameras to be powered from V-Lok (and other) types of battery when plugged into a suitable power output. This could be a rig mounted V-Lok plate, or stand alone V-Lok adaptor, like the Hawk-Woods VL-A1.
This is great news for users shooting HD video or time-lapse photography with either the D5 or D7, as the available run-time can be increased immensely. The advantages of using a single high capacity broadcast battery over dozens of standard Canon LP-E6 batteries are obvious.
The DC-5D1 (D-Tap version) and DC-5D2 (Hirose version) are available now from your preferred Hawk-Woods stockiest.
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Submitted by Dave Sturgeon
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nanoFlash Gear from Hawk-Woods Posted: 26/04/2010
nanoflash Hawk-Woods now produces a range of camera solutions for Convergent Design's popular nanoFlash HD recorder. This includes a series of DC power cables, BNC cables, mounting options and a useful remote tally cable.
All DC cables are reverse wired for nanoFlash use only. Configuration options include 4-Pin Hirose(M) to; 4-Pin Hirose(M), 2-Pin D-Tap or 4-Pin XLR. Nano compatible BNC cables are manufactured to HD 3G standard and available in variety of lengths.  
Mounting the nanoFlash on the camera has so far proved difficult, but Hawk-Woods
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Submitted by Dave Sturgeon
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