Quarantine Cook-along with AEG Posted: 02/06/2020
Quarantine Cook-along with AEG

Aiming to help inspire the increasing number of people in lockdown turning to cooking and baking, AEG collaborated with video production company Monarki Stockholm and Scandinavian Photo to help produce a multicam live stream cook-along show.

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NINETNINE and Samira TV Launch Original Cooking Show with top French-Arab Influencers Posted: 10/02/2020
NINETNINE and Samira TV Launch Original Cooking Show with top French-Arab Influencers

NINETNINE, the leading content provider to Cable and OTT platforms, has partnered with Samira TV, an Arabic channel available in Middle-East, North Africa and France, which specializes in cooking TV shows focusing on local cuisine. The two companies have produced the first French-Arab TV show, ‘Ezawj Errahal’ presented by French travel and food social media influencers Salim and Linda, known as “the traveling lovers” (Les Amoureux Voyageurs).

The 13-episode series launches on 14th February on Samira TV and will also be available on-demand and via OTT on Le Bouquet Maghreb, the leading Arabic TV package in France. The unique format will deliver an exciting, new TV cooking concept that will take viewers on a culinary trip around the world, allowing them to learn simple, original and mouthwatering recipes created by Salim and Linda while on their adventures.

Salim and Linda were the winners of the French popular TV competition format Pékin Express, which aired on M6 and attracted multi-million daily viewers. They became social media superstars and decided to travel the globe to meet people, discover new cultures and share their stories.

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Sachtler artemis Keeps Keith Moving Posted: 25/06/2013
Sachtler artemis Keeps Keith Moving
When New York-based camera stabilizer operator Adam Keith is shooting live television news coverage, music concerts and commercials, his camera support of choice is the artemis camera stabilizer system from Sachtler, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company. The artemis is a very versatile machine, he explains. The rig is easily adjusted to the liking of each operator. The tool-free gimbal allows the rig to be adjusted quickly during the live shows for the different needs of each segment.
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Johann Lafer cooks with Litepanels Posted: 26/01/2010
Johann Lafer cooks with Litepanels Well-known TV cook Johann Lafer recently equipped his cooking and TV studio "Table d'Or" in Guldental, Rhineland-Palatinate, with the latest HD technology. In his new high-tech kitchen, Litepanels LED lights are now also being put to use.
"The cooking students' creative work in Johann Lafer's new cooking school will now be documented using the latest HD technology, and it will be processed for various types of media," says Walter Jnkering, whose company Ben Hur was responsible for planning the modern cooking school's media design. In order to present the culinary delights' preparation in a favorable light, professional illumination of the studio is particularly important. The low ceilings (2.50 meters) required by the cooking star proved especially challenging. A solution had to be found which allowed TV programs to be produced without additional front light, as this would interfere with the overall picture. "This is what Litepanels' LED lights are suited for. They are extremely flat and therefore can be discreetly integrated into the studio," states Jnkering.
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