New V-Lok Adaptor for the Canon EOS C500 Posted: 05/11/2013
New V-Lok Adaptor for the Canon EOS C500

Hawk-Woods have added the new VL-C500 to their range of Canon EOS V-Lok Stand-Alone  adaptors. Capable of supplying the higher power demand for Canons C500; the VL-C500 also provides 5 Power-Con (aka D-Tap) outputs which are regulated to 12 Volts for powering additional items such as on-board lighting, wireless receivers and recorders.

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Hawk-Woods New Portable 2-Channel V-Lok Battery Charger and amp; Mains PSU Posted: 23/10/2013
Hawk-Woods New Portable 2-Channel V-Lok Battery Charger and amp; Mains PSU

Hawk-Woods have extended their V-Lok range with a compact simultaneous 2-channel fast charger and power supply unit.


The VL-2X2 has been designed to be as portable as possible whilst having all the functionality of a conventional charger and more. This compact unit has an ergonomically designed carry-handle and robust folding stabiliser arms at its base. Its rugged construction and ease of use, combined with a weight of less than 1kg makes the VL-2X2 the ideal charger for location shoots and situations where the user needs to travel as light as possible and the VL-2X2 does this without compromising elsewhere.

Tags: V-Lok | Charger | Battery | Lithium-Ion | Power Supply Unit | Portable | 2-channel | dual | simultaneous | V-Mount | V-Lock | VL-100 | VL-140 | VL-175 | VL-190 | Hawk-Woods | hawkwoods | VL-2X2 | PSU
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Hawk-Woods New BP-U Replacement Batteries Posted: 17/07/2013
Hawk-Woods New BP-U Replacement Batteries

Hawk-Woods has announced the launch of their new range of replacement Sony BP-U lithium-ion batteries. The new replacement BP-U batteries are designed to work as direct replacements for Sonys BP-U battery and Hawk-Woods has underpinned this new range with the addition of two chargers; the include both a 2 and 4-channel simultaneous fast charger.

Tags: Hawk-Woods | hawkwoods | BPU | BP-U | PMw-EX1 | PMW-EX3 | EX1 | EX3 | Sony | Replacement | Lithium-Ion | Li-Ion | li-lon | battery | batteries | BP-U60 | BP-U30 | BP-U75 | BP-30U | BP-60U | BP-75U
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New Compact V-Lok Adaptors for Sony F5 and amp;F55 from Hawk-Woods Posted: 05/04/2013
New Compact V-Lok Adaptors for Sony F5 and amp;F55 from Hawk-Woods

Hawk-Woods have launched two new V-Lok adaptors with Sonys PMW-F55 & PMW-F5 camcorders in mind.


These new adaptors have been designed to be unobtrusive, versatile and rugged units which follow the compact dimensions of the F5, F55 and Sonys BP-FL-75 battery, whilst providing power outputs to suit a wide range of accessories and auxiliary devices. Installation of these new adaptors couldnt be easier they simply sit between the camera and the battery using the existing V-Lok fittings.

Tags: Hawk-Woods | Sony | PMW-F5 | PMW-F55 | F5 | F55 | camcorder | V-Lok | V-Lock | V-Mount | V-Mounting | Camera | Battery | Adaptor | D-Tap | P-Tap | Power-Tap | Fischer | RS | 24V
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Hawk-Woods Double The Magic Posted: 20/09/2012
Hawk-Woods Double The Magic

Hawk-Woods have unveiled their new on-board power adaptor for the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera.

Developed in association with James Tonkin of Hangman Studios; the Hawk-Woods adaptor has the ability to more than double the standard run-time of the camera whilst remaining compact, simple to use and quick to set up.

The Hawk-Woods DV-BMS uses the popular DV-F970 high discharge rate battery and steps-up the output to the cameras required 12v. Tests have shown an increase in run-time from around 90 to over 200 minutes.

This is the first in a range of powering options currently being developed by Hawk-Woods for the Blackmagic Camera and is expected to appeal to those who are looking to capture live, mobile action (such as sports or music events) and increase the available run-time of the camera without limiting the cameras mobility.

More information can be found at:

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Hawk-Woods at IBC2010 Posted: 28/07/2010
Hawk-Woods at IBC2010

Hawk-Woods will be displaying their latest range of innovative solutions at IBC2010 in September. This year sees them displaying three exciting new ranges, as well as their existing well known products.

Canon Kit is a series of powering and mounting solutions for users of Canon EOS D5 & D7 cameras. Operators can now choose to run their camera from a number of battery types. This includes V-Lok and Mini DV batteries.

nanoFlash Gear is aimed at users of the popular Convergent Design nanoFlash hard drive. Mounting options, tally cables, dc cables and bnc cables are all available for this device from Hawk-Woods.

The Reel Power range of batteries, chargers and adaptors have been developed for high voltage, high speed cameras. Reel Power equipment is perfect for the new Arri Alexa camera.  

Hawk-Woods can be found in Hall 11 on stand G25 at this years event.  Clive and Gina Hawkins will be representing the company for the duration of the exhibition.

Tags: nanoflash | nano flash | ibc | canon eos | eos d5 | eos d7 | hawk-woods | arri alexa | high voltage
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More Canon Kit from Hawk-Woods Posted: 27/07/2010
hawkwoods Hawk-Woods have extended their 'Canon Kit' range and can now provide a range of alternative power solutions for EOS D5 & D7 operators. Their existing series of cable-mounted Canon dummy camera batteries have been complimented with a V-Lok Power Distribution Box.
Featuring five 2-pin D-Tap sockets, they allow the user to run the camera and additional equipment from V-Mount type batteries – like the Hawk-Woods V-Lok range. These will provide the operator with a huge amount of portable power. Available with either 12V regulated or unregulated outputs, the VL-DC5 or 5X, are perfect for those with a set-up that includes a camera, dual monitors and HDMI splitter.
Tags: hawk-woods | ibc2010 | eos d5 | d7 | v-lok power distribution
Submitted by Dave Sturgeon
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Hawk-Woods Adapts to Canon D7 Posted: 28/05/2010
canon adapter
Hawk-Woods have just announced a series of battery power adaptors for the Canon EOS D5 and D7 cameras. As those in the industry will know, these stills cameras are now being used prominently for their HD recording capabilities.
Hawk-Woods' DC-5D adaptors feature a cable mounted dummy LP-E6 type battery, which is linked to either a 2-pin D-Tap, or 4-Pin Hirose plug.
These adaptors allow the cameras to be powered from V-Lok (and other) types of battery when plugged into a suitable power output. This could be a rig mounted V-Lok plate, or stand alone V-Lok adaptor, like the Hawk-Woods VL-A1.
This is great news for users shooting HD video or time-lapse photography with either the D5 or D7, as the available run-time can be increased immensely. The advantages of using a single high capacity broadcast battery over dozens of standard Canon LP-E6 batteries are obvious.
The DC-5D1 (D-Tap version) and DC-5D2 (Hirose version) are available now from your preferred Hawk-Woods stockiest.
Tags: hawk-woods | canon d7 | battery | power
Submitted by Dave Sturgeon
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nanoFlash Gear from Hawk-Woods Posted: 26/04/2010
nanoflash Hawk-Woods now produces a range of camera solutions for Convergent Design's popular nanoFlash HD recorder. This includes a series of DC power cables, BNC cables, mounting options and a useful remote tally cable.
All DC cables are reverse wired for nanoFlash use only. Configuration options include 4-Pin Hirose(M) to; 4-Pin Hirose(M), 2-Pin D-Tap or 4-Pin XLR. Nano compatible BNC cables are manufactured to HD 3G standard and available in variety of lengths.  
Mounting the nanoFlash on the camera has so far proved difficult, but Hawk-Woods
Tags: hawk-woods | nanoflash | convergent designs | hd recorder | pmw-ex1 | pmw-ex3
Submitted by Dave Sturgeon
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A Solid Solution from Hawk-Woods Posted: 20/10/2009
A Solid Solution from Hawk-Woods

Sony PMW-EX1 & EX3 operators can now record a large amount of footage directly to a Solid State Drive.

Available in either 64 or 128GB memory capacities, the new Hawk-Woods Extreme SSD connect to the camera via the express card slot. As well as the additional recording capacity provided compared to memory cards, these Drives offer e-Sata data transfer. This means that 300 minutes of footage can be downloaded in just 14 minutes.

By means of a quick-release system, both SSD's will mount directly to anyone of the Hawk-Woods range of EX camera battery adaptors (V-Lok, BPU or MDV). Power can then transferred to the Drives from the mounted batteries. Alternatively the SSD's can be powered from a single stand-alone Sony BPU battery.

Extreme SSD kits feature a; Solid State Drive (64GB or 128GB), Express Data Cable, Hirose Power Cable, USB Cable, e-Sata Data Cable, Hawk-Woods EX1/3 Camera Adaptor Mounting Bracket. The EX-SSD1 & EX-SSD2 are available now, visit for more information.

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