Mo-Sys introduces the one-stop 4K virtual studio Posted: 16/07/2020
Mo-Sys introduces the one-stop 4K virtual studio

Mo-Sys, a world leader in precision camera tracking solutions for virtual studios and augmented reality, has brought virtual studio production within reach of everyone with StarTracker Studio, the world’s first pre-assembled production package. The system is scalable to any size production, and can support 4K Ultra HD.

Critical for virtual studio and augmented reality production is to track the position of each camera in three-dimensional space across all six axes of movement. StarTracker from Mo-Sys is proven as the most precise and reliable camera tracking package, using dots on the studio ceiling (“stars”) which are placed at random and tracked to plot camera positions with extraordinary accuracy.


Tags: mo-sys | camera tracking | augmented reality | virtual studio production | StarTracker Studio | 4k | ultra HD | camera | mounts | virtual graphics | Unreal Engine | Ultimatte keyer | lenovo | rack | blackmagic | canon | cartoni
Submitted by Manor Marketing
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Matthews New Product for IBC 2018 Posted: 01/08/2018
Matthews New Product for IBC 2018

Burbank, CA-based manufacturer of camera and lighting support for the entertainment industry, Matthews Studio Equipment, mantra is creating equipment that lasts. Support equipment that not only stands the test of time but adapts to all types of challenges. This year one of their coolest new tools is the MQ Mount, a simple but highly creative way to mount T-12 light tube fixtures with minimal light loss.

Tags: Matthews | tube | mounts | hollywood | grip | IBC 2018 | IBC 2018
Submitted by Cirrolite Europe Ltd are the UK and Ireland Distributors and also resell to European agents
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New Airo by K-Tek Audio offers New Booming Kit Posted: 01/05/2018
New Airo by K-Tek Audio offers New Booming Kit

Airo by K-Tek announces an integrated new Booming Intro Kit packed with essential audio tools especially designed for content creators who require quality, affordable audio sound for their video. All they need is a shotgun microphone and this new kit.

Tags: Airo | K-Tek | nab | gear | booming kit | kit | audio | tools | content creators | content | affordable | carrier | boom pole | shook | mounts | microphone | windscreen AFW1 | Kit Bag | bag | NAB 2018 | NAB 2018
Submitted by Lewis Communications
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Anton Bauer Announces New European Partnership with Holdan Posted: 14/07/2015
Anton Bauer Announces New European Partnership with Holdan
Anton/Bauer®, a Vitec Group brand and premier provider of battery, charging and monitoring technologies for the broadcast, film and video industries, has announced a new product distribution agreement with Holdan Limited that will cover the United Kingdom and several other European countries. The manufacturer's range of batteries, ballasts, brackets, mounts and chargers will be supplied by Holdan through its network of qualified dealers and value added resellers. Anton/Bauer joins Holdan's portfolio of high end broadcast equipment manufacturers that include Blackmagic Design, Panasonic, and Datavideo.
Tags: Vitec | batteries | mounts | chargers
Submitted by ignite strategic communications
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SM90 and SM90s Hague Camera Suction Mounts Posted: 30/09/2013
SM90 and SM90s Hague Camera Suction Mounts

Hague Camera Supports announce the launch of the new Hague SM90 and SM90s Camera Suction Mounts for vehicles. Following on from the successful models already manufactured by Hague the new SM90 and SM90s incorporate a smaller, more compact pad whilst still providing the stability you would expect from a Hague car mount.

Tags: hague camera supports | car mounts | suction pads | gopro | camera mount
Submitted by Hague Camera Supports
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New LED MicroBeam 512 & 1024 with V & AB battery mount options Posted: 24/06/2010
New LED MicroBeam Finally, the replacement to the LED500 is almost ready! As demand will far outstrip supply for the first few weeks please use the "Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock" function to get an update when this new light is available for purchase. We expect to be shipping this by the end of June 2010 and will shortly begin accepting preorders.
Tags: prompter people | flo light | led microbeam | 512 | 1024 | v & ab battery mounts
Submitted by Douglas G Blane
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