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Published: 10 August 2022


Zixi, the industry leader for enabling dependable, live broadcast-quality video over any IP network, and provider of the award-winning Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) is excited to announce a return to exhibition at IBC 2022. Zixi will be showcasing a broad range of exciting product updates and demonstrating unparalleled live video delivery performance at this year's conference. Beginning on Friday, Sept 9th, and running through Monday, Sept 12th, Zixi will be exhibiting at the Amsterdam RAI Convention Center in Hall 1 Booth #D.81.

Zixi will be demonstrating new product updates and showcasing low latency, high throughput, scaled video contribution, processing and distribution now available in the SDVP. The SDVP is a comprehensive platform for delivering live video on any IP network, any protocol, any cloud provider to any edge device. In addition to individually scheduled private meetings, the Zixi team will also be presenting opportunities for participants to learn from Zixi leadership, integrated partners, and top media companies at the Devoncroft Executive Summit on September 8th at Amsterdam’s Tuschinski Theatre, and panel at the prestigious Showcase Theatre on Friday, Sept 9th. Representatives from customers including Paramount, NEP, and others will be joining CEO Gordon Brooks to discuss trends in the market and how Zixi’s innovation has helped them address specific problems of live event management, solutions for efficiently delivering not only 24 x 7 live linear but also OU and event applications, as well as their needs for actionable analytics, data visualization and RCA (root cause analysis) reporting for cost efficiencies required in dynamic, modern live IP video broadcasting workflows.

As part of the showcase, Zixi will be exhibiting new and existing capabilities of the SDVP, including:

Live Events Optimized Scheduling and Operational Management in ZEN Master

  • Dynamically manage live event schedules and allocate resources in ZEN Master

  • Define event stages and rules templates including pre and post-event stream behavior

  • Switch between live and slate sources, trigger blackout content replacement, enable bandwidth bonding and failover options, and distribute target-optimized ultra-low latency feeds

  • Leverage video-optimized ZaaS Cloud Infrastructure or deploy SDVP instances within your own on-prem, hybrid, or cloud operating environments

  • Real-time live event operations dashboard with manual override controls provides visibility into event status from pre-production through post-live stages

Zixi-as-a-Service (ZaaS) for OU/Events

ZaaS delivers all the functionality of the SDVP with managed high-performance cloud infrastructure to deliver a powerful comprehensive solution for efficiently delivering OU/Event applications

OU on ZaaS provides a turnkey experience for managing live video contribution and distribution workflows, including integrated low-latency live transcoding, production formats support, and OTT stream packaging

Updated ZEN Master live events management simplifies complex live event schedules and orchestrating event stages

Expanded geographic ingress points deliver consistent ultra-low latency performance over diverse signal paths for production backhaul to cloud or distributed processing and playout centers

Zixi Broadcaster v16 Debuts with Enhanced Performance and Zixi AgentZ Telemetrics

Zixi Broadcaster now supports deployment on ARM-based instances with significant savings on compute costs and lower GHG emissions per compute cycle

Dramatically improved resource utilization and updated architecture yield up to 200% throughput increase per compute core over previous versions of the SDVP

Zixi Broadcaster now supports workflows that require SPTS to MPTS multiplexing

Zixi AgentZ: An updated telemetry polling architecture in the SDVP, improving the frequency and quality of metric data while adding access to powerful new performance KPIs and infrastructure insights

Protected Multicast: Unlock tremendous bandwidth savings while retaining full end-to-end content protection and delivery analytics with Zixi Protected Multicast

Actionable Analytics, Data Visualization, and RCA Reporting with Zixi Intelligent Data Platform (IDP)

Zixi IDP leverages trained ML algorithms and AI analysis to sort vast telemetry data into actionable analysis

Automated Incident Reporting with Correlated Multi-Object Impact Detection

Multi-Object Incident Report Dashboard with Time Aligned Graphs

Continuous Real-Time AI/ML Data Feeds

Enhanced Algorithms Improve Zixi Health Score Delivering Accurate Future Performance Predictions

Improved Attribution Yield More Rapidly Pinpoints Incident Root Cause

ContentXchange (CXE) Channel Service

Built to reliably connect the world’s most valuable content with the most-watched destinations

Zixi secured transport rights speed time-to-market, unlocking thousands of premium linear and global event content partners

Channel feeds curated, packaged, and normalized to customizable distribution endpoints

Built on market-proven ZaaS technology, CXE delivers fully redundant geographically diverse distribution paths with hitless failover for every managed channel

AWS Support Delivers New Control Plane Options Across AWS MediaServices

Updated management and monitoring of AWS MediaConnect Flows in ZEN Master

Support for managing JPEG XS and AWS CDI flows in ZEN Master

ZEN Master management of AWS Elemental Link devices

Configuration and monitoring of AWS Elemental MediaLive Channels in ZEN Master

SDVP and ZEN Master for AWS now available in AWS Marketplace with support for private offer contracts

Additional Showcase Features Available in the Zixi SDVP:

Full Support for ARM architectures on AWS, Azure, and GCP, delivering increased sustainability and lower compute costs

Automated failover triggers on TR101, Content Quality Analysis (CQA), and unrecovered packet alerts

Real-time programmatic live stream multiplexing with Zixi Broadcaster v16

Enhanced NDI support to include mapping NDI audio channels to MPEG-TS PIDs

Updated RIST retransmission request timing to improve performance

Added ML-based VMAF content quality estimation and improved PSNR estimation

Audio level histograms added to content quality analysis reports

Added support for accelerated transcoding with NVIDIA Ampere architecture, including AWS P4 instances and RTX A2000/A4000 NVIDIA PCIe cards

Support for 4:4:4 video on NVIDIA transcoding pipeline

Added ML-based adaptive rate control for x264 and NVIDIA transcode pipelines

Attendees can spend time deep diving into specific use cases and scenarios:

Cost-efficient multi-cloud delivery strategy with ZaaS

Bonded 5G delivery and Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) integration delivering live 4K video

Building highly resilient, bandwidth efficient, low latency live event contribution workflows

Remote orchestration and virtualized operations across the media supply chain

Business impacts analysis with enhanced SCTE-35/CUE propagation monitoring

Universal Gateway services that programmatically normalize thousands of concurrent linear channels

Zixi is excited to be supporting the IBC Accelerator Lab by participating in two IBC Accelerator Innovations Projects:

IBC Accelerator Projects will be featured in Hall 2.A14 at the RAI:

Cloud Based Live Events, Analytics, and Low Latency Protocols: Zixi is supporting dynamically provisioned live event delivery from venue to cloud to distribution partners

5G Remote Production… in the Middle of Nowhere: Zixi is an integral partner in enabling delivery over bonded 5G/4G LTE and LEO Satellite Constellations are enabling truly untethered low latency live video productions

“After three years, Zixi is incredibly excited to be returning to IBC and meeting with our customers and partners in person. Since the 2019 conference, the adoption of IP video distribution has continued to accelerate and Zixi has seen incredible growth,” said Gordon Brooks, Executive Chairman, and CEO, Zixi. “We have been busy innovating to provide the market with live video solutions that are cost-efficient, autonomous, agile, and ecologically sustainable, and can’t wait to share the new technology in Amsterdam”


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