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ChyronHego update Paint adaptive Keying, improved auto-tracking and more at IBC 2019
ChyronHego update Prime Graphics Platform to 3.5 at IBC 2019
ChyronHego Prime Broadcast Graphics at NAB 2019
ChyronHego Live Assist Panels shown at NAB 2019
ChyronHego Paint 7.5 new features shown at IBC 2018
ChyronHego show their PRIME Workflow at IBC 2018
Paint from ChyronHego at NAB 2018
Live Production with ChyronHego at NAB 2018
Virtual Placement from CHYRONHEGO at IBC 2017
Camio and Lucy by CHYRONHEGO at IBC 2017
Metacast Weather Graphics from ChyronHego at NAB 2017
NewsTicker 5 from ChyronHego at NAB 2017
Virtual 1st from ChyronHego at NAB 2017
ChyronHego LyricX at IBC 2016
Click Effects on the ChyronHego stand at IBC 2016
ChyronHego Toolbox at NAB 2016
ChyronHego CAMIO at NAB 2016
ChyronHego NewsTicker at NAB 2016
ChyronHego Channel Box Prime at IBC 2015
ChyronHego Lyric64 at IBC 2015
ChyronHego Metacast at IBC 2014
ChyronHego Lyric PRO at IBC 2014
ChyronHego PowerClips at NAB 2014
ChyronHego at NAB 2014
ChyronHego on BroadcastShow LIVE at IBC 2013
ChyronHego Paint at IBC 2013
ChyronHego Virtual Placement at IBC 2013
Chyron at IBC 2012
Chyron at NAB 2012
Chyron at BVE 2012
Chyron at IBC2011