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Mac Mini support from Sonnet Technologies at NAB 2019
GPU acceleration from Sonnet Technologies with Adobe support at NAB 2019
New 10g Ethernet to Thunderbolt adaptor from Sonnet at NAB2018
External GPU Enclosures from Sonnet at IBC 2017
Eco Express Expansion Chassis from Sonnet at IBC 2017
Fusion Flash Drive and Dual DisplayPort Adapter from Sonnet at IBC 2017
Glyph External Storage including the Studio and Atom raid at IBC 2017
AJA Thunderbolt 3 IO 4k Plus at IBC 2017
Sonnet Technologies Thunderbolt Chassis at IBC 2014
Sonnet Technologies on BroadcastShow LIVE at IBC 2013
Global Distribution with mLogic at IBC 2013
AJA at BVE 2013
Facilis at NAB 2012
AJA at BVE 2012
G-Technology at IBC2011
AJA at IBC2011
Sonnet Technology at IBC2011