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KitPlusTV summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 19th April 2021
Post Covid-19 workflows for media & entertainment production.
IBC2021 progress and planning update from CEO Mike Crimp and Director Steve Connolly
SHURE Duraplex DL4 Omnidirectional Waterproof Subminiature Microphone
Working remotely with AoIP Dante® network audio
What you need to know about media compliance, logging and analysis
4k and 12G flexible routers and multiviewers for broadcast and professional AV
Enabling live music performances across multiple spaces using NDI & Dante
Why not install a Dobly Atmos Studio at home?
KitPlusTV summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 12th April 2021
How to add graphics and overlays to live video streams with free templates.
How to remotely manage and search your media files
Connecting legacy analogue audio equipment with the Dante® network.
KitPlusTV summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 6th April 2021
Dalet AmberFin scalable transcoder and workflow engine
PTZOptics SuperJoy PTZ controller and PTZ auto tracking
KitPlusTV summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 29th March 2021
Cloud Native or Cloud Based - Sustainable post production and why video should not cost the Earth.
Direct to Consumer services and the shift towards OTT Streaming
STaaS - Sales Team as a Service from International Sales Team IST
KitPlusTV summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 22nd March 2021
KitPlusTV summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 15th March 2021
AVIWEST BeOnAir hands on review for 4G remote streaming and production
RISE mentoring program and the importance of gender diversity in our media & entertainment industry
Africans in London - live and on demand TV channels.
SSL System T, remote audio production services for OB events and sports.
How to get 10-bit SD, HD and 2K output from any Thunderbolt enabled Mac or PC
JOBY GorillaPod Vlogging Kit reviewed
What is latency, why do we have latency and how to improve latency.
Access your KVM system from anywhere with RemoteAccess-Gate
KitPlusTV summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 8th March 2021
KitPlusTV summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 1st March 2021
IABM Reporting on the Broadcast and Media Industry
The live IP enabled remote production eco system
SONY FX6, and the Cinema Line camera. Experiences so far with Jake and Carl
How is the recent budget going to help or hinder the TV, film & media production industry in the UK
Single or Multi Camera MuxLab Live Streaming Kits. Fast, Easy, Affordable & Broadcast Quality
Marshall Cameras Global Shutter Ultra Small Camera CV568 & Collaborations and NDI
How to write on screen - glass white board for online video training
MAMA Youth Project, enabling opportunity in the creative and media industry
KitPlusTV summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 22nd February 2021
Disruption, consolidation and taking risks in the Media Industry.
IBC 2021 : Will it happen? Mike Crimp CEO of IBC tells all.
What is vMix and how does vMix work. Tim Vandenberg
Remote production, skills development and support for broadcast, cinema & media professionals
KitPlusTV summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 15th February 2021
Lockdown production and filming in Covid times
User review of the Hollyland MARS 400S PRO Wireless Video Transmission System
Delivering compelling and immersive, personalised experiences to viewers
ZeroU™ IP KVM dongle for extension or matrix of video, audio and USB over a single cable.
KitPlusTV summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 8th February 2021
Dejero LivePlus for Windows app for reporters and anchors working from home
Starting a TV channel and channel start ups
HOLLYLAND LARK150 Wireless Mic System User Review
How to win at auction, buying AV and Broadcast equipment at auction
KitPlusTV summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 1st February 2021
The KitPlus Tv Guests of Season 2
KitPlusTV summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 21st December 2020
How has it been in 2020 for Global Distribution and how does this reflect on the industry
Insights in to the state of broadcast, media and entertainment production with Fujifilm
Production switching, graphics, recording and streaming with the Nagasoft NSCaster X1
Simon Says Assemble, taking the pain out of transcription and translation in post production
Polecam and Densitron technology partnership and industry insight.
KitPlusTV summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 14th December 2020
Broadcast Production Engineers and the post-Covid-19 landscape.
Remote working in post production with DNAFabric from StorageDNA
Remote working and remote production and combinations of both with Calrec
Precision control of broadcast, streaming and A/V devices with Rascular Technology
KitPlus summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 23rd November 2020
Social Distance KIP Boom or Interview Poles and Stingray Audio Bags with K-Tek
Kiloview Video Converter Decoder Converter Live Streaming with Digi-Box
Apple M1 chip explained plus Apple MacBook announcements with Larry Jordan
KitPlus TV Summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 16th November 2020
Networking and media transport, SFP modules, with Riedel MediorNet and Embrionix.
Remote Production...planning, scripting, MAM, prompting, ingestand ecord, automation and playout
Remote production and Clear-Com Agent-IC
KitPlusTV Summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 9th November 2020
KitPlus Summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 2nd November 2020
High Quality Video Compression Codec VC-6 or SMPTE standard ST2117-1 with V-Nova
Ross Video TouchDrive - The next generation production switcher panel for Carbonite.
Live multicam production with Dejero EnGo and Quality Media
Streaming with JVC HC500 and JVC HC550 Connected Camcorders
The ControlCenter-Xperience from Guntermann and Drunck, KVM like youve never seen it before!
Tokina Cinema Vista 40mm T1.5 Overview
KitPlus summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 7th December 2020
Wireless communications with the Pliant Technologies MicroCom wireless intercom system
IABM updates plus BaMLive 2020 next week
Volicon replacements and ensuring compliance with Mediaproxy LogServer
KVM over IP has many more applications than you might think. Thomas Tang from Apantac tells us more
KitPlus summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 30th November 2020
Hollyland LARK 150 wireless microphone
SmallHD Indie 7 On Camera Monitor. Entry level 1080p REC709 Cinematography on Camera Monitoring.
Streaming Live Sports Production Direct From Camera With JVC HM250 Camcorder
Kyno on set and post production media workflow software
Hollyland MARS 400S Pro Wireless Video Transmission for DSLR Cameras
Reverb explained. Convolution or Algorithmic Reverb. Is Paragon is the answer.
KitPlus Summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 26th Oct 2020
KitPlus Summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 19th Oct 2020
On premise and cloud storage solutions with GBLabs Unify Hub
AJA OG-DANTE-12GAM openGear Dante audio over IP embedder/de-embedder
Canon C70 overview
Streaming solutions for enterprise businesses plus news on the Newtek Tricaster 2 Elite
Lightworks NLE video editing sofware and Qscan automated QC with LWKS
KitPlus Summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 5th Oct 2020
Film Production Cart, DIT Cart, Mobile Workstation or a simple trolley. What is the difference?
KitPlus Summarise the Broadcast and Pro Video News 12th Oct 2020
LiveU LU800 for Live Sports and news gathering
Marshall compact mini camera CV355-10X featuring 10x optical
Understanding compliance with Mediaproxy plus support for SMPTE 2022 and other IP standards
The new Marshall CV503 Camera with USB direct to computer with interchangeable lens.
Panasonic LUMIX S5 FULL frame hybrid DSLR. Alister Chapman talks to Kriss Hampton.
Alister Chapman talks anamorphic lenses with Les Zellan from Cooke Optics
Guntermann and Drunck explain the new ControlCenter-Xperience
KitPlus NEWS covering the virtual IBC Showcase 2020 period
New KVM Extender from kvm-tec Full HD EASYline
KitPlus TV featuring mini remote heads, new ATMOS facility and choosing the right camera for you.
KitPlus TV featuring RISE, virtual production tech, AI searching and ACES colour workflows
KitPlus TV featuring Sony A7SIII, Audio over IP and we ask is the full frame look just a myth?
KitPlus TV with Arrow X1 tripod, updates to your editing hardware and streaming tips from Alister Chapman
KitPlus TV with portable production, CG animation, codecs and Alister Chapman explains ISO or Gain
KitPlus TV featuring ATOM Cameras, Newtek Tricaster 2 Elite, Alister Chapman choosing a tripod
Dick Hobbs talks to Ade Rawcliffe, Director of Creative Diversity at ITV
KitPlus TV talks Fujifilm GFX100, diversity with Ade Rawcliffe, Alister Chapman explains Gamma.
KitPlus TV with socially distancing mics, subtitling, DPP and AI, Alister Chapman explains RAW
Dick Hobbs talks to Charlie Watts from Portsmouth University about courses, Covid-19 and more
KitPlus TV with guests talking JVC cameras, Edius X, Cuescript IP Prompting and Telestream Lightspeed
KitPlus TV covering DevOps, Filming during Covid-19, Podcasting desks, Avid media files and MAM
KitPlus TV 16th June 2020
KitPlus TV 9th June 2020
Dick Hobbs talks to Michael Crimp from IBC
KitPlus Daily 30th April 2020
KitPlus Daily 29th April 2020
KitPlus Daily 28th April 2020
KitPlus Daily 27th April 2020
KitPlus Daily 23rd April 2020
KitPlus Daily 22nd April 2020
KitPlus Daily 21st April 2020
KitPlus Daily 20th April 2020
KitPlus Daily 17th April 2020
KitPlus Daily 16th April 2020
StorageDNA LIVE at BVE 2016
ADDER Technology LIVE at BVE 2016
Tally Technologies LIVE at BVE 2016
Paragon Bank Technology Finance at BVE 2016
ITTP at BVE 2016
Holdan at BVE 2016
Boxx TV at BVE 2016
Ross Video at BVE 2016
NewTek at BVE 2016
Larry Jordan with Thom Holliday talk streaming at BVE 2016
Pixel Power LIVE at BVE 2016
BVE 2016 Live from the show floor
TSL Produts on the sofa at BVE
Sony FS7 show with Den Lennie at BVE 2015
LED Lighting at BVE with LCA
Playbox at BVE
LED Lighting discussion at BVE
Streaming with Teradek at BVE
Studio lighting at BVE
Media Management discussed at BVE
The future of audio with BBC R&D at BVE
The ITTP talk training at BVE
Zeiss at BVE with Den Lennie
RTS Intercoms at BVE
Tiger Technology with Den Lennie at BVE
Den Lennie meets Atomos at BVE
Gearhouse at BVE 2015
Samantha Baines at BVE 2015
Pixel Power in the KITPLUS studio at BVE
PTZ Cameras at BVE
Live production with Newtek at BVE 2015
JVC with Den Lennie at BVE
LED Lighting with Den Lennie at BVE
Larry Jordan and Den Lennie talk editing at BVE
Dock 10 at BVE
Den Lennie and Larry Jordan - Cloud Editing BVE 2015
Sony audio with Den Lennie at BVE2015
  BVE 2015
Sony Optical Storage Archive show at BVE with Den Lennie
Sony monitoring at BVE with Den Lennie
Den Lennie talks Dedleg at BVE 2015
The NewTek TriCaster Mini Showcase
Philip Bloom chats 4k: BVE Day 2
The battle of wits with Philip Bloom and Larry Jordan
The 24 hour TV broadcast challenge
NAB 2014 Summary Show
Talking Streaming with Stream UK: BVE Day 3
Bubble and Squeak Live and Loud: BVE Day 3
Seminar Previews: BVE Day 3
Fantastic 4k: BVE Day 3
Training for the future with ITTP: BVE Day 2
The New Age of Videography: BVE Day 2
Larry Jordan Seminar Preview: BVE Day 2
Seminar Previews: BVE Day 2
The Art of Lighting: BVE Day 1
BVE Preview Show: BVE Day 1
Polecam Minicam Show: BVE Day 1
Atomos Live Show: BVE Day 1
Mildred Gets Kitted Out: BVE Day 1
BroadcastShow Christmas Special
Show 26 - 20th November 2013
Day 5 of BroadcastShow at IBC
Day 4 of BroadcastShow at IBC
Bubble and Squeak: Live and Loud from Monday at IBC 2013
HbbTV: Connected TV for broadcasters
Day 3 of BroadcastShow at IBC
Richard Payne talks about what guests saw on day three of IBC 2013
Day 2 of BroadcastShow at IBC
Content you want, when you want it: Recommendation Engines
Bubble and Squeak: Live and Loud from Saturday at IBC 2013
Richard Payne talks about what guests saw on day two of IBC 2013
Day 1 of BroadcastShow at IBC
Richard Payne talks about the highlights of Day 1 at IBC
Den Lennie talks to Nigel Wilkes from Panasonic and Duncan Payne from WTS live at IBC 2013
The lorries talk IP, big data and outside broadcasting
Show 20 - July 17th 2013
Show 19 - June 19th 2013
Show 18 - April 24th 2013
NAB 2013 Day 3
NAB 2013 Day 2
NAB 2013 Day 1
Show 14 - March 20th 2013
BVE 2013 Day 3
BVE 2013 Day 2
BVE 2013 Day 1
Show 10 - February 13th 2013
Show 9 - Jan 22nd 2013
Show 8 - BroadcastShow Christmas Special
LIVE from BVE North Day 2
Local TV debate at BVE North 2012
LIVE from BVE North Day 1
Show 5 - October 17th 2012
Show 4 - September 19th 2012
Show 3 - September 4th 2012
Show 2 - July 18th 2012
Show 2 - Preview
Reviewing the Presonus 1640 - June 26th 2012
Show 1 - June 20th 2012