Got some gear to sell?

Thanks for coming to the leading online site for selling broadcast, pro video and film gear. Here is a bit of information that you will find useful if you are looking to sell your gear.

We are a classified listing website, not an auction. We do not hold any stock or sell anything ourselves although we know most of the gear and have 50 plus years experience of the industry. You advertise your item, people see it and they contact you directly via the KitPlus messaging system. We do not often need to get involved but are happy to help if needed. You agree the final deal between yourself and the buyer and we do not take a commission. All you pay is the fee to list your item(s), that's it, nothing more.

There are two ways to pay.

  1. Buy credits - Ideal if you have lots of gear to sell. These stay on your account for 12 months and the more you buy the cheaper the cost of advertising becomes. You simply buy however many you think you need and then when you check out you pay with credits, topping up as and when you need to.
  2. Pay as you go (PAYG) - Ideal if you only have a few items to sell or just want to try it out.

On both of the above there are options to upgrade the advert, make it bold, featured, export to appear in the monthly magazine etc etc.

To get started you simply need to register and a new menu will appear on the left side. Click ADD ADVERT and off you go.

The prices are below to give you a guide to get started.

Price List

Title Price
10 Credits £15.00
15 Credits £20.00
50 Credits £60.00
100 Credits £80.00
200 Credits £150.00
300 Credits £220.00

Credits can be purchased and used later to exchange for adverts - the more you buy the cheaper it is.

Type of Advert Credits needed PAYG Cost
Advertisement for 90 days (other durations available) 10 £15
Featured advert placement 2 £4
Premium Directories 250 £175
Print magazine advert for 1 issue 10 £15
Add a video to your advert 10 £15
Add a SMS text message alert to your advert 2 £4

There are other advertising options available which can be selected when you place your advertisement.

Occasionally we send out promotional codes that can be entered at checkout to gain a discount - keep an eye open for those!

Don't forget you do not have to buy credits, you can simply add your advert and pay with PAYPAL or a major credit card at the end. Your advert will be live as soon as payment is confirmed.