Reviewed DSC Labs Chroma Du Monde

Visual Impact were provided with a DSC Labs CamAlign CDM 28R Chroma Du Monde to test at their Teddington base this week, and unsurprisingly were impressed with what they found.
Upon first impressions, the test chart seemed to employ a far too reflective surface which would inherently cause unwanted reflections and thus yield incorrect results. A brief set-up under the in house lighting rig proved this to be the case as the results were erratic and somewhat ineffective. After some time spent correcting the lighting environment and fixing the chart with a slight downward tilt (as per the provided help card), we were able to control or eliminate the unwanted reflections and flare to see the dynamic range the camera was capable of capturing. Matte and semi matte charts have long been favoured in the industry due to their non reflective properties, but at the cost of providing a lower contrast. With all the talk in digital cinema being about dynamic range, this is now something that is particularly relevant.
The colours were as expected from a Chroma Du Monde chart, which demonstrates why they are deemed top of the pile. Perfectly rendered due to DSC's surface / ink / dye combinations, the 28 colours surrounding the chart ensured the camera could be checked and adjusted to the HD ITU-R BT.709 colourimetry standard on a vectorscope. Once the chart was positioned and lit correctly, it was clear that it is a fantastic tool for matching cameras, which is something the Visual Impact Engineering Team are regularly asked to do. Whilst not tested on this occasion, the chart if shot by the camera team, should enable post production to eradicate variations in lighting and camera characteristics with precision and speed.
In summary, the chart is a fantastic accessory, it is not cheap and does require a level of set-up time, but once it is, the Chroma Du Monde chart should still be regarded as one of the best field alignment charts available today.
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