Date: 18/10/2019

Anton/Bauer's Dionic XT batteries and a Sachtler flowtech100 carbon-fibre tripod played starring roles in the production of Series 1 of "The Americas With Simon Reeve," currently airing on BBC Two. As director of photography for the program, renowned cameraman Jonathan Young relied on the Dionic XTs and flowtech100 to capture stunning imagery in rugged, remote, and challenging locations, from the icy wilderness of Alaska's Denali National Park to the steaming jungles of Costa Rica.

"The Americas" is the latest in Young's long-term collaboration with Reeve, a well-known British author, adventurer, and TV presenter. The two-series program traces Reeve's journey "from the top to the toe" of the Americas, with Series 1 covering North and Central America. Currently in production, Series 2 will continue the story down through South America and will air in 2020.

"This program is Simon's most ambitious journey yet, and he explores parts of the Americas few outsiders or even locals get to see. On this shoot, we had every extreme of temperature and location that it's possible to encounter in a single filming assignment," said Young. "We pushed our equipment to the limit, and naturally, we expected something to break or fall apart. But the Dionic XT batteries and flowtech100 tripod performed flawlessly throughout, whether we were shooting in -20 degrees Celsius in Alaska or 35 degrees and high humidity in Costa Rica. Once again, the Anton/Bauer and Sachtler gear surpassed my expectations."

Young shot most of "The Americas With Simon Reeve" Series 1 using several different Sony cameras such as the PXW X500 and the FS5, all utilising Canon lenses. With its lightweight yet sturdy carbon-fibre construction, the flowtech100 tripod combined with a Sachtler Video 18 S2 fluid head to provide stable support and smooth operation for the camera payload, which often exceeded 15 kg.

For the Alaska portion of the shoot, the crew travelled to the head of the Ruth Glacier in Denali National Park in a small plane. The plane's weight restrictions and limited space meant Young could only carry one tripod on the trip, but the flowtech100 covered all of his needs — accommodating cameras ranging from a small Sony A7S DLSR (used for shooting the aurora borealis) on up to the larger and heavier cine cameras.

"This was my first shoot with the flowtech tripod, and it absolutely blew me away," Young commented. "Initially, I had doubts about its performance at low temperatures because I've seen other carbon-fibre equipment become brittle or crack in extreme cold. That did not happen with flowtech – it held up beautifully with no stiffening or brittleness."

Young was also impressed with flowtech100's fast and easy setup, ruggedness, and lightweight, all of which were critical not only on the glacier but also on shoots in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Costa Rica. One location, the ancient Maya site of Yaxchilán in Mexico's Chiapas state, required the crew to travel up the Usumacinta River, hike through the ruin complex, and then climb 400 feet up rough stone steps to the top of the largest temple.

"Not only is the flowtech light enough to be carried easily over long distances, but it's extremely fast and easy to set up on uneven ground. With just three speed brakes to lock, I could even deploy it with one hand, and each leg could adjust automatically to a different height, such as multiple steps on the temple," Young says. "Time really is of the essence in many cases, such as wildlife shots. In the Costa Rican and Belizean jungles, for instance, when we were using a long lens to shoot macaws or toucans, we had to be ready to set up the instant we saw the birds circling. The flowtech100 made it possible."

Young used the same Dionic XT batteries for "The Americas" that he had employed for his previous Reeve project, "The Mediterranean With Simon Reeve," which aired on BBC Two in 2018. The batteries reliably powered not only the cameras but also a SmallHD 702 monitor and, in some instances, a Teradek wireless transmitter as well.

"I am incredibly impressed with the Dionic XTs. After over a year of hard use and regular charging, you'd expect batteries to start showing their age. But I have not noticed a drop-off of performance with the Dionics," Young said. "These batteries are seriously rugged – they've flown around the world and they've been hand-carried in a Peli case, snapped on and off cameras countless times, carried in coat pockets – and there's barely a mark on them."

Just as with the plane flight in Alaska, weight was a serious factor on the Yaxchilán shoot. The Dionic XTs' long run time meant the crew was able to carry fewer batteries on the rugged approach to the site. The batteries' ability to operate effectively in extreme heat, not only in Mexico but also in Costa Rica, was another critical factor.

"With the Dionics, we were able to calculate our battery requirements down to the minute to ensure we could climb to the top of the temple, filming as we went, with a safety margin to get back down again. And all we needed was one Dionic XT mounted on the camera, plus a spare, to get us through at least four hours of hard, nonstop shooting. It made a big difference on a hot day with a big, strenuous hike," Young said.

He added, "Anton/Bauer has put so much thought and effort into the use of the Dionic XTs in extreme environments. I've now used them on both ends of the temperature spectrum, and they've never overheated or let me down in any way. Heat can be a battery's worst enemy, but in the Costa Rican jungle, where we were dealing with both heat and humidity, there was no fluctuation at all in the Dionic XT's performance."

The combination of the Dionic XT batteries and flowtech100 tripod enabled Young to capture stunning and unforgettable moments for "The Americas With Simon Reeve" — fleeting images that change rapidly and then disappear. In one example, Young captured the late afternoon movement of the sun across Denali, the highest peak in North America, a signature shot that was used to open the series.

"The image of Denali was a one-shot deal, and we would have missed it completely if we'd had to spend a lot of time setting up a tripod or stop and go back to the plane to get another battery," Young said. "That's why the flowtech100 and Dionic XTs were so critical on this program. I know I can always count on these solutions when it really matters."

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About Jonathan Young
Jonathan Young is a highly esteemed documentary DP with more than 25 years of experience shooting for all the major UK and US broadcasters, as well as independent production companies across the globe. He has been nominated several times for RTS and BAFTA awards.
On Twitter: @JAYoung101
On Instagram: jonathanyoung101 profile:

A Snapshot of Anton/Bauer
Anton/Bauer® is a leader in the design, manufacturing, and testing of mobile power systems for use in broadcast, film/video, and adjacent markets. Its rugged systems can be adapted to just about any situation where reliable, mobile power makes the difference. Whether on a movie set, on top of a mountain, or on a sports field, Anton/Bauer's Mobile Power Systems consistently prove to have the highest quality and reliability available. The company holds many patents and awards for advancements in battery-system technology, including an Emmy® Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development and a Sci-Tech Academy Award®. For more information, visit

A Snapshot of Sachtler
Sachtler®, founded in 1958 by cameraman Wendelin Sachtler, is a worldwide market leader in professional camera support systems for cinematography and television production. The Sachtler name has been a symbol of top quality and reliability for decades, and the company's extensive range of camera support systems and finely modulated line of reportage lighting products make Sachtler a highly qualified partner for broadcast and film applications. Sachtler is part of the Vitec Group. For more information, visit

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Marshall Electronics Showcases Miniature and Compact Cameras at ISE 2020 Posted: 28/01/2020
Marshall Electronics Showcases Miniature and Compact Cameras at ISE 2020

Marshall Electronics, a leading provider of professional cameras, monitors and accessories for professional AV and broadcast production, will feature its CV506 HD Miniature Camera and CV380-CS Compact 4K Camera at ISE 2020 (Stand 11-D150).

Marshall recently upgraded its miniature and compact HDMI/3GSDI cameras with larger HD sensors, powerful next generation processors and improved industrial design. POV camera users will notice a true step-up in color and clarity, as well as improved signal strength and ultra-low noise output with stereo embedding ability (mic or line level) on all models. The updated line features a new body style with locking I/O connections, enhanced remote adjustable settings, and an expanded selection of output frame rates and formats. New models also include a micro-USB port for field-upgradable firmware updates as new features are added.

A frontrunner of Marshall’s next generation HD camera line is the CV506 HD Miniature Camera, which offers simultaneous 3GSDI and HDMI options, flexibility, and great value in a tiny form factor. The new CV506 serves as an upgrade over the popular Marshall CV505, with a 30 percent larger sensor for better picture, dynamic color depth, and low light performance, along with an improved housing design. The CV506 delivers ultra-crisp, clear progressive HD video up to 1920x1080p at 60/59/50fps and interlaced 1920x1080i at 60/59.94/50fps. With interchangeable lenses and remote adjustability for matching with other cameras, the CV506 is suitable for a range of professional workflows as it can capture detailed shots while maintaining an ultra-discreet point-of-view perspective without sacrificing versatility or convenience.

Tags: Marshall Electronics | Compact | Cameras
Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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Magewell Debuting Versatile, Multi-Protocol Live Stream Decoder at ISE 2020 Posted: 28/01/2020
Magewell Debuting Versatile, Multi-Protocol Live Stream Decoder at ISE 2020

Magewell has announced a versatile new conversion product that seamlessly brings together the worlds of IP-based streaming and baseband AV presentation equipment. The new Pro Convert H.26x to HDMI multi-protocol, SRT-compatible streaming media decoder will make its first public appearance in stand 8-G475 at the ISE 2020 exhibition in Amsterdam.

While earlier Pro Convert models transform professional AV signals to and from NewTek’s NDI® AV-over-IP technology, the new Pro Convert H.26x to HDMI decodes a standard H.264 (AVC) or H.265 (HEVC) compressed video stream into a high-quality HDMI output for connection to baseband monitors, projectors and switchers. Supporting a wide range of streaming protocols for maximum source compatibility, the low-latency decoder is ideal for applications including multi-site video distribution between corporate, educational and church campuses; remote production; surveillance monitoring; digital signage and more.

The Pro Convert H.26x to HDMI is Magewell’s first product to support the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) open source protocol. Enabling secure, resilient, low-latency video delivery over unpredictable networks, SRT ensures high-quality streaming experiences even over the public internet. Magewell is a proud member of the SRT Alliance. Other supported protocols include RTSP, RTMP, UDP, RTP and HTTP streaming.

Tags: H.264 | H.265 | streaming | stream | SRT | RTMP | RTP | converter | decoder | live | magewell | hardware | convert | conversion | IP | network | broadcast | professional AV | 4K | Ultra HD | UHD | UltraHD | HDMI | digital signage | surveillance | video wall | digital signage | ISE
Submitted by Write Turn Communications
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VITEC Acquires IPtec Inc. to Strengthen Leadership in Broadcast Contribution and Remote Production Market Posted: 27/01/2020
VITEC Acquires IPtec Inc. to Strengthen Leadership in Broadcast Contribution and Remote Production Market

VITEC, a worldwide leader in advanced video encoding and streaming solutions, today announced the strategic acquisition of IPtec Inc., a developer and manufacturer of industry-leading solutions for low-latency transfer of telemetry and video-over-IP networks. This acquisition is the third the company has made within this vertical in the last 18 months, continuing VITEC's growth in broadcast contribution and remote production.

"IPtec is highly respected in the military and broadcast verticals," said Kevin Ancelin, VP Worldwide Broadcast Sales, VITEC. "IPtec introduces the benefits of J2K, MPEG-2, and legacy H.264 4:2:2 10-bit codec support, as well as a full duplex encoder/decoder and a telemetry-to-IP gateway that complement VITEC's portfolio of high-quality, low-latency HEVC codecs. Together, our solutions will provide customers with a purpose-built technology platform capable of delivering broadcast-quality media streams even under the most extreme conditions."


Tags: VITEC | IPtec Inc. | advanced video encoding | streaming solutions | low-latency transfer | telemetry | video-over-IP
Submitted by InGear
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LTN Global Provides Fully Managed, IP-Based Terrestrial Distribution for New Country Lifestyle Media Network: Circle Posted: 27/01/2020
LTN Global Provides Fully Managed, IP-Based Terrestrial Distribution for New Country Lifestyle Media Network: Circle

LTN® Global, the global leader in broadcast-quality IP video transport solutions, is providing fully managed, IP-based video transport for Circle, a newly launched 24/7 media network dedicated to the country music lifestyle experience. Created by Opry Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of Ryman Hospitality Properties, Inc. and Gray Television, Inc., Circle relies on LTN for transmission of daily programming to television stations across the country. LTN also gives Circle the flexibility to deliver daily live shows

"LTN enables flexible, highly reliable delivery of video streams in real time to stations that are broadcast into the homes of millions of Americans," said David Burke, CTO and senior vice president at Gray Television. "TV broadcast content distribution is the first step for Circle. LTN has both the experience and technical resources to help us expand our market presence, delivering broadcast content across a wide network of distribution platforms serving content to America's many country music fans."


Tags: LTN Global | Country Lifestyle Network | Circle | IP video transport | Opry Entertainment Group | Ryman Hospitality Properties | Gray Television
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New Dome SnapBag Softens Kino Flo Light Posted: 27/01/2020
New Dome SnapBag Softens Kino Flo Light

Kino Flo Lighting has transformed its large softlights into larger, softer sources with the new Soft Dome light control system. The customized lighting fabric dome with new “X” pole structure creates an extreme spread of shadowless light when attached to Celeb 850 or Image L80 LED fixtures.

In association with the design team from D.O.P. Choice®, Kino Flo has created the Soft Dome with flexible poles crisscrossed between opposite sides, forming a widened copula shape. When used to light large stages, the Soft Dome delivers broad coverage like traditional spacelight designs; for key and fill lighting the Soft Dome can be stand mounted and focused in a variety directions from vertical and horizontal positions.




Tags: dop choice | snapbag | cirrolite | kino flo
Submitted by Cirro Lite (Europe) Ltd
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Kino Flo Releases New FreeStyle Mini SnapBag Posted: 27/01/2020
Kino Flo Releases New FreeStyle Mini SnapBag


Kino Flo Lighting Systems introduces the Mini SnapBag® softbox and louver accessories to the company’s popular line of FreeStyle Mini LED panel systems and kits.

The Mini SnapBag pops out of its storage bag and can be mounted in seconds onto the FreeStyle Mini LED panel. Once onboard, the lightweight SnapBag is ready to go to work. It can diffuse the Mini LED light with a proprietary white diffusion textile and a four-sided silver foil black panel box that focuses the soft light forward and cuts spill.

Weighing in at 3.5 lb (1.5 kg) and measuring just 15 inches (38 cm) in length, the Mini is Kino Flo’s most compact, portable LED panel lighting system in the FreeStyle family of products.




Tags: cirrolite | kino flo | freestyle | snapbag
Submitted by Cirro Lite (Europe) Ltd
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VuWall Is Increasing Productivity and Enhancing Visualization Experiences at ISE 2020 Posted: 24/01/2020
VuWall Is Increasing Productivity and Enhancing Visualization Experiences at ISE 2020

VuWall, a leader in video wall control systems, will be showcasing intelligent video wall and visualization solutions that allow operators and managers to "control what they see" on its booth (15-K250) at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2020. The company will debut its new ControlVu touch panel and showcase the new security features, capabilities, and flexibility of the powerful TRx centralized multivideo wall management platform; VuScape video wall controllers with KVM support; and VuStream encoders and decoders.

"Control rooms are not only becoming a necessity for organizations of all sizes and missions, operators are also requiring on-demand access to a robust array of AV and IT sources," said Paul Vander Plaetse, CEO at VuWall. "Our ecosystem of interoperable products provides the most effective distribution of any sources to any display surface throughout entire organizations. At ISE 2020, we'll demonstrate how VuWall seamlessly bridges AV and IT for an easy and intelligent way to control and manage any video wall deployment."

Tags: VuWall | ISE 2020 | ControlVu Touch Panel | TRx Multivideo wall | Wall Management Platform | VuScape Video Wall | VuStream
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Actus Digital Expands US Sales Team By Appointing Jay Gedanken as Vice President of Business Development Posted: 24/01/2020
Actus Digital Expands US Sales Team By Appointing Jay Gedanken as Vice President of Business Development

Actus Digital, a leading provider of compliance and intelligent media monitoring solutions, today announced that it has appointed Jay Gedanken as vice president of business development in the U.S. With over 35 years' experience in broadcast technology sales, technical support, marketing, and project management, Gedanken will play a critical role in increasing Actus Digital's footprint in the United States market, developing new sales channels, and driving revenue growth.

"Business development opportunities are booming in the U.S., with Actus Digital poised to fill the void left by former U.S. industry leader Volicon and its end-of-life products while also meeting the growing customer demand for compliance solutions featuring content repurposing and AI," said Sima Levy, CEO, Actus Digital. "We continue to increase the scale of our U.S. office as a result of growing sales and activities, and hiring Jay will keep us on track. Leveraging his experience in broadcast sales, Actus Digital will continue to build on its 15-plus years of providing superior compliance and media monitoring solutions."

Tags: Actus Digital | Jay Gedanken | media compliance | intelligent media monitoring
Submitted by 202 Communications
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Sonnet Announces Dual 2.5-Inch SATA SSD PCI Express 3.0 Card With Hardware RAID Controller, 10Gbps USB-C Port Posted: 24/01/2020
Sonnet Announces Dual 2.5-Inch SATA SSD PCI Express and reg; 3.0 Card With Hardware RAID Controller, 10Gbps USB-C Port

What's New:

Sonnet Technologies today announced the Fusion™ Dual 2.5-inch SSD RAID PCIe® 3.0 card, the latest product in the company's line of high-performance storage cards that enable the installation of SSDs into a computer's or Thunderbolt expansion system's PCIe card slot. The Fusion card includes a hardware RAID controller for drive configuration, plus an external USB 3.2 Gen 2 USB-C port with 15 watts of power.

What It Does:

The Fusion Dual 2.5-inch SSD RAID card enables users to install two 2.5-inch SATA SSDs (sold separately) into a full-length PCIe card slot. The attached SSDs are managed by the card's onboard RAID controller, which supports RAID 0, RAID 1, Span, and JBOD configurations and provides users a powerful tool for configuring the SSDs for best performance or data safety without impacting their system's performance. For added convenience, a USB-C port capable of supporting high-performance, bus-powered drives and other USB peripherals is included. The USB-C port also supports the USB 3.0 charging specification that enables simultaneous charging and syncing of an iOS® or iPadOS® device.


Tags: Fusion Dual 2.5-Inch | SATA SSD | PCI Express | 3.0 Card | Sonnet Technologies | RAID controller
Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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JT-NM Announces Additions to Testing and Badging Program Posted: 24/01/2020
JT-NM Announces Additions to Testing and Badging Program

The Joint Task Force on Networked Media (JT-NM) announced today that it will be enhancing its JT-NM Tested program to improve transparency and to foster even greater industry participation. The JT-NM will publish testing criteria, and vendors will perform testing at their own facilities. The Joint Task Force is made up of a consortium of industry partners including the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA), the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE®), and the Video Services Forum (VSF).

Standards validation of vendor test results will be confirmed at a testing event scheduled for the week of March 16. The overall results will be made available to the industry via a published catalog of results and via badges that participants can display on their booths at the 2020 NAB Show. (Past catalogs are available at

Tags: JT-NM | Advanced Media Workflow Association | AMWA | European Broadcasting Union | EBU | Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers | SMPTE | Video Services Forum | VSF
Submitted by JT-NM
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FilmLight teams up with ARRI in Paris creative community Posted: 24/01/2020
FilmLight teams up with ARRI in Paris creative community

Following the appointment of Matthieu Straub as the company’s technical and operational consultant to France and the Benelux countries in the summer of 2019, FilmLight is delighted to announce that it has now established a permanent presence in Paris. By sharing premises with ARRI France, FilmLight is developing a strong hub for creative and technical knowledge and events.

The hub will host the first of FilmLight’s Colour Day workshops in 2020, on 28 January. One of the advantages of sharing the centre with ARRI is that it underlines the seamless workflows from camera to finish, using the BLG format for render-free viewing and creativity. The BLG grading metadata is stored in the ARRIRAW and QuickTime headers, ensuring the content and its look are permanently linked.

The Paris Colour Day on 28 January, aimed at creatives and technicians in production and post production, will see FilmLight’s workflow specialists, Straub and Thomas Eberschveiler unveil new FilmLight tools. Attendees will also hear from guest colourist Stéphane Azouze about his collaboration with directors Anastasia Mikova and Yann Arthus-Bertrand on the recent award-winning documentary ‘Woman’. Finally, colour scientist Florine Bel will share her image expertise and discuss her work developing film aesthetics, colour spaces and conversions.

The shared space has already hosted successful events, including a workshop day for DITs. Led by Straub, with guest speakers from Netflix and from post house Mikros, the group discussed the latest developments in colour space management and workflows. ARRI’s presence allowed the discussion to include ARRI Looks and how they can be incorporated into FilmLight BLG post production. In the demonstration area, they featured an ARRI ALEXA camera feeding Prelight and Daylight software, allowing the delegates to experiment with look development and make comparisons between standard and high dynamic range colour spaces.

Explaining the importance of bringing together creative artists and technicians, FilmLight’s Matthieu Straub said “My background is as a digital image technician, and I know how directors and cinematographers are increasingly relying on DITs to find technical solutions to their demanding creative requirements. “Our intention is to use our demonstration and meeting space here on the Rue René Boulanger to be a place where we can encourage the sharing of knowledge and experiences, to help the French cinema industry achieve ever greater things.”

Tags: FilmLight | ARRI | Paris | Colour Day | Matthieu Straub | workshop | Thomas Eberschveiler | Stéphane Azouze | colourist | colour science | BLG format | Baselight | Prelight | Daylight | MKM Marcomms | MKM Marketing Communications
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Tedial Announces Appointment of Manuel Martinez Ruiz as Regional Sales Director, Spain Posted: 23/01/2020
Tedial Announces Appointment of Manuel Mart and iacute;nez Ru and iacute;z as Regional Sales Director, Spain

Tedial, the leading independent MAM technology solutions specialist, has announced that Manuel Martínez Ruíz has been promoted to Tedial’s Regional Sales Director, Spain, effective immediately. Manuel, who is based at the company’s headquarters in Malaga, will be responsible for sales in the region and will manage customer accounts in Spain, ensuring continued profitable growth.

“Manuel has been working with Tedial since 2010 and is an integral part of the team. He has a deep knowledge of the company’s products and solutions and has been involved in many projects delivered across Spain over the last ten years. He will support customer needs ensuring that requirements are married with Tedial solutions and services and will continue to position Tedial as the leading MAM provider in Spain”, says Emilio L. Zapata, Tedial CEO.

“I’m very excited to begin 2020 with this new challenge,” adds Manuel. “I look forward to continuing to support Tedial's customers in Spain, providing streamlined solutions for the business and to assist with the move to new technology challenges (cloud, AI, SaaS) in partnership with Tedial. In my role I will ensure the highest level of quality, service and commitment to our customers”.

Tags: Tedial | Manuel Martínez Ruíz | MAM technology solutions
Submitted by Desert Moon
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NEP Hilversum Chooses Custom Consoles Control Desks and MediaWall for New MCR Suite Posted: 23/01/2020
NEP Hilversum Chooses Custom Consoles Control Desks and MediaWall for New MCR Suite


Custom Consoles announces the completion and installation of eight control desks and a large MediaWall monitor display support system for NEP Media Solutions BV. Located in the master control room at the company's studios in Hilversum's Media Park, the desks are configured in front and rear rows for use by up to six and four operators respectively.

"The desks are similar in style and colour scheme to a suite we produced in early 2018 for another NEP television studio facility," says Custom Consoles' Sales Manager Gary Fuller. "The forward desk centres on a dual-operator bridge with a total of eight forward-sloping 4U equipment pods. This is constructed as a rectangular unit with space for two operators. Left and right of the bridge are two units of identical design to the bridge but angled to match the curve of the 13.9 metre wide six-frame MediaWall. The MediaWall itself is one of the largest we have produced to date, each of the six frames accommodating four 55 inch UHD displays to create an 11-wide by two-high screen array with two additional pairs of 32 inch screens."


Tags: Custom Consoles announces the completion and installation of eight control desks and a large MediaWall monitor display support system for NEP Media Solutions BV. Located in the master control room at the company\'s studios in Hilversum\'s Media Park | the de
Submitted by Stylus Media Communications
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mediaClass Reports Growth in Demand for Subscription-based OTT and IPTV Services Posted: 23/01/2020
mediaClass Reports Growth in Demand for Subscription-based OTT and IPTV Services

mediaClass reports a sustained acceleration in demand for subscription based services offering video content directly to connected viewers. Bypassing traditional broadcast and satellite platforms, OTT services are typically streamed over the top – meaning over any internet connection rather than a proprietary network.

"Given the rapid changes in product offerings and market trends, the choice of OTT and streaming technology is absolutely key," says mediaClass EVP Manelli Hosseini. "The established OTT middleware products on the market are incremental improvements and add-ons to older IPTV-based systems. This leaves them with a heavy footprint requiring massive servers which are inefficient and inflexible."

"Using our detailed knowledge and long experience of TV services to develop a modern, agile architecture and approach, we invested heavily to develop a full product range from scratch. The key parameters for our customer-centric view were to speed up deployment and enable a low-cost legacy IPTV path for service providers and telcos who want to move to a world-class offer which is disruptively affordable. We have developed our own software modules for functions including a content management system, digital rights management and AI recommendation engines as well as CDN and mobile clients."


Tags: mediaClass | multiscreen platform | end-to-end hybrid OTT and IPTV | IPTV Management | OSS/BSS Integration | EPG | Reverse EPG | Multi-DRM | AI Recommendation Engine | Content Management System | CMS | Catchup Management | Set-top box APIs | IoS Apps | Android Apps | Ad
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Hiltron Reports Strong Sales of HCS-4 Satellite System Controller Posted: 23/01/2020
Hiltron Reports Strong Sales of HCS-4 Satellite System Controller

Hiltron Communications reports strong demand for its HCS-4 satcom system controller which has been integrated into various projects for customers in Europe, the Middle East and Far East.

An innovative recent implementation has been for one of the Middle East's largest telecommunication service-providers. This includes a switching and control system for Swedish Microwave optical low noise block downconverters. The HCS-4 powers and monitors the downconverters, checking for faults such as channel interrupts. If an interrupt is detected, the HCS-4 automatically switches to a backup signal source. Three downconverters are connected via optical fibre in a two-active-plus-one-backup configuration.

"The Middle East system follows on from the recent completion of a large project for a leading European satellite network operator," says Hiltron Managing Director Antonio Monteverde. "This included the integration of a 12U rack of monitoring equipment at 50 separate locations around the world, each with an HCS-4 as the control interface. Every system was pre-assembled and fully tested at our Backnang headquarters prior to on site integration."


Tags: Hiltron GmbH | Hiltron Communications | turnkey satellite systems integrator | DVB MPEG DSNG systems | L Band and IF Band fibre-optic systems | DVB-T encoding and multiplexing headends | ATM/SDH/PDH/IP transport networks | DVB-S/S2 satellite uplinks | VSAT system
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