UHD: a long road travelled

Julian Fernandez

Published 1st August 2015

by Julian Fernandez Issue 103 - July 2015

Theres no denying it, Ultra HD (UHD) is impressive and the clarity of image is captivating, but its going to take a while for UHD to become mainstream in the home. A fairly expensive large screen TV is a must to get the best picture quality and since the majority of the world isnt yet watching television in HD, UHD still has a long way to go. However, its an exciting technological innovation and solutions providers and broadcasters have to adapt to ensure that they are UHD-ready. It was no surprise when on-demand platform providers set the pace for UHD delivery last year. Netflix was the first to launch its UHD service with season two of its popular House of Cards series; Amazon followed suit at the end of 2014 and Sky and DirectTV are also now commissioning UHD content.
To keep up with this process of change, broadcasters need to have a number of practises in place such as multi-format, multi-site, multi-platform delivery, and increasingly media business reporting. MAM providers have powerful tools that provide the management, flexibility and scalability for any size of media organisation, regardless of the workflow, number of users, departments or sites. But market-leading media management technology requires an exceptionally well-integrated IT architecture that is always one or two years ahead so that additions such as new formats are easily configured within the system. Its essential for MAM technology providers to supply precise IT technologies designed for broadcast and media more generally to maximise the capabilities for the modern broadcast world.

To overcome the challenges that MAM companies face when providing support for new formats such as UHD, they need to ensure that the format can be transcoded, stored and archived. Optimisation is also key; optimising the bandwidth of the network and the transformation tasks so every file transfer is completed as quickly as possible. However, these are not difficult challenges for MAM companies to rectify. Large file capacity and media management is the MAM providers specialist subject and although storage , bandwidth and processing is certainly an issue for UHD, a modern MAM system can easily be reconfigured with the addition of a new codec in just a few days. Broadcasters dont need to upgrade their software to enable UHD, the MAM provider simply adds the new codec ensuring consistent and smooth running of the operation throughout the process. Day-to-day, broadcasters can continuously expand and easily re-configure their core media IT to improve their overall media business performance, continuously tuning media workflows.
Tedials award-winning, next-generation Evolution MAM system provides broadcasters with a robust solution that can receive, manage and prepare any format past, present and future. Achieving real results from business-driven media workflows, Evolution delivers a full range of scalable, flexible solutions that address the ever-changing media management landscape. Built on Tedials proven flagship Tarsys core, Tedial Evolution significantly enhances user productivity, quality and accuracy. Advanced search/indexing tools, new services to surf/explore archives and improved integration between third-party business systems and archive and workflow engines reinforce a collaborative environment.

Tedial Evolution provides a new GUI re-designed for any control surface: MAC or PC browser, tablet or smart phone. It enables a user experience specifically designed for broadcast and media operations that dramatically speeds up both manual and automated workflows. Its new media player delivers media at every surface with audio waveforms, thumbnails and locators displayed directly in the timeline, which is available on all platform surfaces.
Tedials unique media IT solutions help international broadcasters and global media companies to increase creativity and improve efficiency throughout their media workflow.

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