TAG Video Systems Media Control System Selected as a Winner in Production Category of NewscastStudio Broadcast Production Awards Contest

Author: Desert Moon

Published: 17 May 2022

TAG Video Systems and rsquo; Media Control System Selected as a Winner in Production Category of NewscastStudio and rsquo;s Broadcast Production Awards Contest

TAG Video Systems announced today that its Media Control System (MCS) has been selected as a winner for Excellence in Engineering in the Production category of NewscastStudio’s Broadcast Production Awards. TAG, the leader in real-time media performance, delivers software-based deep monitoring of linear IP video workflows from live production through OTT. The capabilities of the Company’s MCS were showcased at NAB 2022, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response and marking the first time the solution was demonstrated at a major in-person event.

NewscastStudio is a prominent trade publication for subscribers interested in broadcast production, technology, creative design and engineering. Articles cover the tools and techniques that make storytelling possible including the changing landscape of media from software-defined production and IP to the latest equipment. The annual Broadcast Production Awards contest attracts submissions from the broad spectrum of the world of broadcast and honors the best in creative production and technical achievement across news, sports and entertainment. This year NewscastStudio received over 300 entries from entities large and small across all sectors of the industry.

TAG’s MCS was selected as a winner for Excellence in Engineering in the Production category. The MCS is the newest layer of TAG’s Realtime Media Performance (RMP) Platform, a multi-level, open-source solution that monitors, aggregates, manages and utilizes data-driven viewer analytics to provide users with the insight required to build performant linear media systems. Using an open-source paradigm, the MCS serves as a management, control and aggregation engine capable of exposing data collected within the platform to standard third party analytic and visualization applications. Customers can then use data driven insights to improve media operations, quality of service and deliver an exceptional viewer experience that can be validated and measured, all in an open IT environment. For the first time, media companies will be able to measure internet networks and CDN performance across all signals, end-to-end, and know where to shift workloads for optimum performance.

“We are delighted that our MCS was selected as a winner by NewscastStudio’s judges from a pool of over 300 entries,” said Kevin Joyce, Tag’s Zer0 Friction Officer. “NewscastStudio provides readers with incredibly engaging and timely information regarding the most advanced, creative, and appropriate solutions being incorporated into today’s production facilities. The publication’s readers are acutely aware that the technology and business models in our industry evolve quickly and dramatically, adding to an unprecedented level of complexity for engineers, operators, and business managers. At TAG, we are committed to delivering tools to our clients that will enable their business to grow at a scale and pace required to succeed in today’s market. The MCS reflects that philosophy, providing broadcasters with the potential to plan, evolve and grow. NewscastStudio’s award is confirmation that the MCS fulfills this need to reduce the complexity associated with the changing technical landscape, improve operational performance, and it also provides clients with the freedom to become more autonomous, less reliant on outside resources and able to enact favorable business practices.”

About TAG Video Systems

TAG Video Systems is the world leader in 100% software based integrated IP Multiviewing, Probing and Monitoring solutions. Introducing its first IP solution in 2008, today TAG supports over 100,000 probing/monitoring points across the four primary broadcasting applications - Live Production, Playout/Master Control, Distribution and OTT. TAG’s Zer0 Friction philosophy allows Broadcasters and Content Distributors to minimize complexity, manage the pace of change, while competitively enabling business operations. The 100% software platform supports both compressed and uncompressed formats, including MPEG TS, JPEG- XS, CDI, NDI, JPEG2000, SMPTE 2110, SMPTE 2022-6/7, MPEG-DASH and HLS. TAG's solutions run on standard Commercial Off-The-Shelf hardware (COTS) and cloud, providing state-of-the-art IP monitoring and analysis tools combined with highest quality UHD Multiviewer available on standard and mobile device displays.

For more information: www.tagvs.com

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